3 essential things to do to keep your home service business ahead of your competitors


Being a home service contractor is not easy especially when you are operating locally.  In most cases, there are huge competitions from other local contractors who provide almost identical services at a similar price.

Secondly, being a small business you seldom have means to pay for big advertisements. Also, advertising on national media will be detrimental to your purpose as it won’t be cost effective and won’t target your niche market.

So, keeping their business ahead of its competitors has always been a typical challenge for home service contractors. And they keep searching high and low to find some solution to that problem. You must have faced that challenge yourself and tried to find a way. Don’t worry. Help is on the way. Through this article, we will try to find different ways to ace the challenge of staying ahead of your competitions.

1.    Advertise locally

Advertising for your local home service business on national TV or national newspaper is nothing but a big waste of money.  But if you can advertise locally using local TV channels, social media, and free ads paper, you are more likely to catch the attention of your target market. And it will definitely give your business the desired boost. You can even try some alternate advertising strategy such as car wrap advertising to give your business the visibility it needs.

2.    Go for industry-specific lead generation

When you are short on manpower and still need someone to exclusively manage the lead generation process, you should opt for a lead vendor.  However, not all lead vendors can bring you good leads that get converted into business. For that, you need to hire industry-specific lead generation services like CraftJack that offer high-quality leads that get converted into sell.

3.    Offer unique services

To get the most business, you can provide some unique service such as installation and repair of some new hardware etc. if you provide such unique services, homeowners of your locality will definitely remember you and will contact you whenever they need their specific expertise. 

With these simple tricks, you can grab the attention of your target audience and start getting new businesses.  And if you deliver a good service and meet the customer’s expectations, they will definitely spread the good words about you and even refer you to their friends and family. This way, you will be able to create a niche for your business and stay ahead of your competitors.