5 Reasons to Take a Pause from Your Phone


1. You get more recovery.

Our brains are programmed to search for fast kicks and it makes us easily dependent on checking social media, news or emails. Which, in turn, causes us to get less recovery. We can be connected 24/7 if we want to. Today, we must actively prioritize recovery, in order for it to get rid of.

The researchers agree that just the lack of recovery is a major reason why more and more people get sick of stress. Many also feel that the requirements for constant availability increase from all directions. The boundaries between work and leisure have been erased.


2. You win more time.

How often do not you go online to check something special, but click on something else that leads on to another site. Suddenly it’s been an hour and you do not remember what you’d like to look up from the start.

Often we are not aware of how much time we spend online. Yet it takes time from another – which can create a chronic sense of time shortage.


3. You become more effective 

really. We are interrupted a number of times during a day, partly by others, partly by ourselves, when we look at social media, answer sms, googles a task … It is also extra tempting to infect, for example, Facebook when doing tasks which requires focus and long thoughts. For each time you are interrupted it takes between 3 and 20 minutes to get as concentrated as before the interruption, studies show.

The brain is made to do one thing at a time. It can not handle multitasking, unless it’s a matter of pure habits. For example, we can tie the shoe lines while talking. But for more demanding efforts than it does not work! When we do one thing at a time, we become effective at real – and less stressed.


4. You get less stressed

When psychologists measure stress with their clients, a method is to go through common behaviors. A typical stress behavior is to check the phone unreasonably frequently. When we get up the lap, the phone is a bit like a snap-felt. This behavior, which feels comforting in the short term, makes us even more stressed in the long run. To constantly get up and pay attention to everything happening in the cell phone creates a lot of stressful reactions in the body: We span the muscles, breathe more, get higher bodily pressure and so on.


5. You get better sleep

Young need to sleep around 9 hours a night, but many today do not even sleep 7 hours, according to a study. Since 1993, sleep problems in Sweden have doubled. For young women they have quadrupled! One major reason is smartphones, the researchers agree.


The stress of missing something fun or important is always there. The light from the screen also raises the awakening. Using the phone just before bedtime can therefore make you sleepy.

About the author

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