6 ways to increase sales on your webshop


Let relevant merchandise be a service to your customers. If the customer puts a pair of shoes in the shopping cart, the person is probably also interested in a really good sole. Or a jar of shovels. Or a bottle of impregnating agent. You’re taking it.

Showing related products is like having a staff shopper that provides suggestions based on what you are interested in. Studies show that 56 percent of online shopping customers are more likely to return to a site that recommends products.

2. Provide world-class customer service
The key to a good customer service experience is speed and accessibility. Some customers would like to call companies, while others would like to throw away an email or even better – a message on Facebook. Make sure your webshop offers different ways of contact, and quickly return to customers who ask questions.

3. Communicate in the correct channels
Today, there are more channels than ever to reach their customers. But that does not mean you should use everyone. Find out which channels are right for your audience and design clear strategies for those channels. Engagement is rewarded by the social media algorithms so share content that your audience likes to like, comment or share. Test, evaluate and try again!

4. Give your audience added value
In order for your audience to continue to follow you, share your links and support your store, they need something in exchange. For example, high-quality texts, movies and images that they can share in their flow. Collaborate with influencers with their own strong brands that are related to what you do.

5. Give the customer a cruel shopping experience
Make sure the webshop’s appeal is inviting. Work with color and good pictures – the site will wake up and feel inspiring. At the same time, your webshop must have all the important features that create a well-functioning purchase flow. A good search function is priceless. Also, keep in mind that your webshop must work just as well in a computer as in a mobile or on a tablet.

6. Increase conversion with the appropriate payment methods
It should be easy to pay in the webshop, otherwise the customer will proceed to another webshop with a less complicated payment solution. Therefore, it’s important to find out how your customers want to pay. Card? Invoice? PayPal?