7 Great Careers You Can Get from Human Resource Management Degree


Human Resource Management course evaluates the role of the human resource professional as a strategic partner in managing today’s various sectors and organizations. Their key functions in recruitment, appraisal, retention, compensation, and labor relations are being assessed. 

There are many areas that Human Resource Management graduate can explore and specialized. You can reach the career ladder to be in a managerial post or be a consultant, trained, and more. Below are suggested career paths you can choose with qualification of human resource management:

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are working directly with the employees. They coordinate and plan HR related activities and implement them. Their duties include hiring of new employees, creating benefit programs, training staff, dealing with labor disputes and administrative needs that are important to the employees in the organization. HR managers have a positive impact on the people in the company. 

HR Consultant

A human resource consultant specializes in different fields such as benefits, staff incentives and rewards, employee motivation, company culture after mergers, retirement plans as well as recruiting and training of new employees. Before taking on a new project, they first assess the company’s current situation and offer recommendations that can help in profit earning.           

Training and Development Manager

This corporate career path involves teaching people with new things. They help employees to develop and improve their skills and efficiency in work. Training is done by conducting workshops, conferences and one-on-one training sessions. The training and development manager is also the one crafting the coursework for the employees. If you enjoy engaging and imparting knowledge to people, this career is good for you.

Employee Education Consultant

This career path is also similar to Training and Development Manager except that they are only hired on a contract basis and only work with a company for a few weeks. They conduct workshops, classes, and conferences that help employees improve their knowledge and skills. Also, they can choose their own working hours and clients. 

International Human Resources Professional

One perk about this job is travelling abroad. International human resource professionals help in employing people into global positions, training and developing standards across an international company. They also help in implementing benefit plans, labor relations, employee training programs and more. This is ideal for those who love to travel and know and speak multiple languages. 

Human Resources Executive

This position offers an above average income and impressive benefits. Human Resources Executive’s role is to manage every aspect of the human resources department. It includes contract signings, recruitment, training and development and benefits.         

Human Resource Entrepreneur

With a human resource background, you can start your own headhunting firm, recruitment agency, and HR consulting business or take on the role of a subcontracted HR department. This career path offers the freedom of choosing your own clients and working hours. No need to feel pressure in performing in a corporate world. There are now virtual HR Managers that work for clients online. Everything is online now, so work is more efficient and fast.