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PhiFIX Monitor | Analyze Financial Information Exchange Transactions in Real Time

PhiFIX Monitor is a compelling Capital Market monitoring and alerting tool designed to explicitly deal with FIX connectivity problems including transaction failure/status and exception, reducing time and resource requirement alongside FIX domain including all FIX System. This FIX system operates as a stand-alone application which can be installed in a customer’s local network to analyze and monitor any Financial Information Exchange (FIX) transactions in real time.

Phifix is a complete FIX Protocol Monitoring System that reduces costs associated with the development and deployment of electronic trading systems and gateways. PhiFIX Monitoring Suite is deployed in a server mode and it is valuable to all Electronic Trading players.

It supports system administrator of Buy-side, Sell-side, Venues and Intermediaries to monitor Client and Server logs. Each log session can be configured separately with different client and server log folder which can be accessed and refined by PhiFIX Monitor. 

PhiFIX Monitor features have customized alerts and notifications and a provision to organize routing logic. It also delivers more extensive and adequate authority for pre-trade and trade transparency monitoring, offering a bird’s eye view of the process involved.  


Key Features

  • Creating and managing customer and server Logs
  • Connecting more than one customer and server Logs
  • Viewing connection status and client details
  • Monitor real-time trading and transaction with a high-frequency trading
  • Monitoring High-Frequency market data with progressive filters
  • Advanced Filters and search capabilities for narrow down Log View
  • Notifications and alerts for customer and server logs based on pre-defined settings
  • Statistics and transaction details for specific log based on user settings
  • Results are converted into downloadable format
  • Real-time viewing of trades across all environments


Features Based

·         Real time monitoring

·         Generation of reports

·         Open to any FIX protocols

·         Wide-range of supportive

·         Multiple Connectivity

·         High frequency trading

·         Order trading


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