A Guide To Pack Your Kitchen When Moving

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The kitchen has all the stuff ranging from the small-sized items to the large-sized items. From stove to refrigerator to knives and spoons, the kitchen has a multitude of items that need to be packed in different packing boxes and wraps. Packing the kitchen is the hardest part as you will be needing different techniques and methods to keep your food, cutlery, appliances, and other items safe and secure. There is a lot of stuff in your plate to do before your moving company arrives to load your stuff in the trucks. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to packing your kitchen when moving:

1. Sort your kitchen  

Sort your kitchen stuff into two groups called essentials and non-essentials. Plan everything a week before you move. Here is a list of essentials that you will be requiring immediately in your new home: 

   • Food that can be stored and that you will use up to the move

   • 1-2 saucepans

   • 1 frying pan

   • 1-2 sharp knives in case you need to cut some fruits on the way

   • A few spoons, cups, plates, bowls, glasses for everyone in the family

   • Dishwasher soap

   • A couple of dish towels

   • Coffeemaker

   • Toastmaker

Before your local movers in Brooklyn NY arrives, prepare an essential bag that you can access as soon as you reach the new place. 

2. Finish all the food

How bad it feels when you have to throw the food in the trash. A wise approach will be, before you start planning for the move, strategize the shopping of food materials in your home so that you can finish up all your food in time. Here are some tips to avoid the wastage of food:

  • List all the perishable foodstuff and research the various recipes to use them up.

  • Limit your grocery trips and only buy essential items you’ll use before your move.

  • Arrange everything in the refrigerator in a way that it is easy to find and pack.

3. Get the right packing supplies

Write down all the supplies that you may require to pack your kitchen items. You will be requiring the following supplies to pack a medium sized kitchen:

Large Boxes: You will need 5-6 boxes of size 18 x 18 x 24 cm for packing items such as plastic kitchenware, dish racks, tins, etc.

Medium Boxes:  You will need 10 boxes of size 18 x 18 x 16 cm for packing heavier things such as pantry items, kitchen appliances, silverware, cooking pot and pans, heavy cutlery sets, recipe books, etc. These can hold heavy kitchen stuff.

Heavy Duty Boxes: You will need 5 boxes of size 18 x 18 x 28 cm. These are sturdy boxes having thick and double-walls. These boxes are perfect for packing fragile items, glassware, and, expensive chinaware. 

Unprinted Newswrap: Purchase a bundle of unprinted newspaper to pack fragile items and small appliances.

Cell Kits: 8-10 cell kits of 18×18 cm. They are used to for pack glasses, stemware, and other bottles.

Marker labels: Buy enough of the marker labels so that you can pack your entire house.

Packing/Sealing Tape: Buy enough of the tapes so as to pack all your rooms.

4.Pack less frequently used items first 

Pack the items that you do not need/use frequently. They might be lying somewhere in the cabinets or drawers of your kitchen. These can be the cooking pans, recipe books, appliances like blenders, cookie sheets, special utensils, food storage containers, etc.

5. Pack wine and liquor

Have you any liquor or wine in your home, pack all the stuff in unprinted newspapers and then pack them in the cardboard boxes. Tape the boxes tightly. 

6. Pack your dishes

Pack all the dishes including the glasses and precious stemware. Also, pack the plates, glasses, and, bowls. Wrap them in the newspaper and place them in the boxes.

7. Pack drawers and shelves

Check all the drawers and the shelves to pack the stuff. Pack all the recipe books that you find in the drawers now. Trash away all that you haven’t used for a few months time. 

8. Pack pots and pantry

Apart from those in the essential bag, pack all other utensils including cooking pots. Pack the pantry. Take those spices and pickle jars off the shelves and put them in the packing boxes. Wrap them properly before slipping them into the cardboard boxes. Pack all those canned goods with proper care. 

9. Pack your appliances

Prepare for packing the kitchen appliances. Before you pack the stuff read the manuals of each appliance. Improper preparation can lead to damaging the parts and gas leaks. If you can’t do it on your own call in for the help of professionals. 

10. Label all the boxes with color code

Once you have packed all the boxes, label them using a color coding scheme. This strategy will help you do your unpacking in an easy way.

Consider these tips when you want to pack your kitchen in an easy and organized way. This will help you pack your kitchenware without putting much effort. Best of luck!