Affiliate Marketing Introduction by Adwants Digimac

Digital Marketing

Getting the Most suitable Keywords

It’s the first task an SEO person should do before starting the campaign. Selecting the keywords is very important as those keywords will let you know how long should you run the campaign and how much time will it take for you to achieve your goals. It’s about finding the right balance of keywords. For example there’s no point in spending a lot of time for keywords people are not going to search for and at the same time giving too little time to keywords which generally takes longer for you to rank. Always start with a huge list of what you need and narrow it down to a small number of keywords. 


Know what your competitors are doing

It’s important to know who your competitors are, the keywords they use and how they rank in the keywords that you have selected. It will give you an accurate timing of how long will it take to rank in that keyword and you can also get an idea of what your competitors are doing for them to rank better than you. It’s also possible what types of sites they are using as backlinks to get ahead and we can also do the same. So it’s always good to know your competitors


Write content for people and not for machines 

People respond well to personalized communication rather than automated messages. People nowadays wants to everything to be directed at them and appeal to their senses also. So if you write for google or any other search engine people wont respond to it as there is no emotion or connect with that content and sometimes people may not understand intent behind that particular piece of content. Google also prefers and ranks better if the content you write is more human friendly. The main three things when writing content is make sure that it’s useful, original and if possible relevant.


Optimizing the Title and Meta Tags

HTML title tags are normally not considered for search rankings but that shouldn’t deter you from having spending a little bit of time on the backend because it helps in google display advertising where your site and the subsequent description about it can be seen which will help you in getting more site visitors. 


Make sure the GoogleBot crawls everything

There are some people who will block google bot from crawling CSS and java script for preventive measures but it is now better not to do that as it hinder’s the bot’s crawling ability and also affects your site ranking. So make sure not to do that.


The five points I have listed above are the basics and more information about SEO and search rankings can be learned by enrolling in a digital marketing course. I strongly recommend Adwants Digimac, one of the best digital marketing courses in Chennai. As they also have a tie up with digital marketing institute in Ireland you will be getting an international certificate, so it’s worth it.