Algarve Holidays Take You to the Most Fascinating Places


Algarve, a gorgeous region located in the southernmost continental part of Portugal, is a favourite among many tourists. It gets more than 7 million visitors every year and most of them are from the central and northern parts of Europe. What makes the region extremely popular among these tourists is its alluring coast, sandy beaches, and beautiful bays and cliffs. Tourism in this part of the world has been growing since the 1960s when it was favoured mostly by people of the United Kingdom as a retirement destination. Today, the tourists visit this Portuguese region not only for its coastal delights but also for exploring the beautiful surroundings in its towns and villages.

If you wish to enjoy cheap Algarve holidays, the best time to visit would be the winter season of this region from mid-December to mid-March. This is the time when there are not many tourists around and the resorts and hotels would be willing to reduce their room rates by a considerable amount. Summer is a high season in this part of Portugal. If you intend to visit Algarve during its summer season, you’ll get heavy crowds of tourists and high rates for accommodation. The summer season arrives in mid-June and lasts until mid-September. Spring and autumn are warm seasons with the best temperatures for enjoying the outdoor activities.

Your Algarve holidays would give you the chance to explore Faro, the capital city. In fact, the international airport located in this city is a gateway for tourists to this fascinating Portuguese destination. The old town offers many attractions for the visitors of Algarve. If you’re looking out for beaches to unwind after spending much time exploring various attractions, head to Albufeira. This is the place where you’ll find some beautiful stretches of sand and the spectacular coves backed by the majestic cliffs. Loule, Vilamoura, and Alcoutim are other places worth exploring.

During your cheap holidays to Algarve, you can indulge in some exciting outdoor activities without spending too much. Among them is the half-day Jeep safari, which takes you to the enchanting countryside and villages. From the Albufeira marina, you can move to the sea for enjoying a reef fishing trip. During this trip, you’ll get to explore the places for top-quality fishing. A catamaran cruise from Faro to Isla Deserta would take you through some fascinating landscapes. You can also see the flora and fauna of the Ria Formosa Natural Park during this trip.

While exploring Algarve, you’ll get to taste some of the delicious varieties of its local cuisine. A meal usually begins with bread, a bowl of olives, or marinated carrots as starters. The signature dish of this region is Conquilhas a Algarvia, which is prepared using shellfish mixed with fried onions, garlic, and other ingredients. At some point, you may think that this Portuguese region is all about seafood. However, you can also get to savour something different, such as the Feijoada. It is a delectable bean stew made using cured meat, pork, vegetables, and herbs.

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