Amazing Ideas To Decorate A Wedding Aisle


A wedding is one of the most special days of our lives when we simply want to make it memorable and perfect. When it comes to wedding decorations, do not overlook the aisle that you or your partner will walk down in church or location wedding destination. Below are some of the most amazing wedding aisle decoration ideas.

If you are planning a destination wedding then a fabric aisle runner can be impractical, since it will not look good on a lawn or beach. You can decorate the walkway with beautiful designs created with flower petals. It undoubtedly complements your wedding venue like anything and make your aisle walk more romantic. A florist can create a stunning swirl or even your initials in rose petals for that special effect. If you use brighter hues then it shows up the best on grass, so you should choose hot pink, fuchsia and orange colored flowers to make it perfect. You need to make sure that the ushers are instructed to show seats to the guests in order to avoid the distortion of design before the start of wedding ceremony. The best thing about petal designing is that it looks amazing even with slight scattering of design.

If you are having a wedding in a garden setting you should play with enchanted garden concepts by planting rows of flower to create a border across the aisle. The best part about this concept is that it allows experimentation and you can use flowers which does not work well in centerpieces. At the end of the aisle, you can create eye catching structure from bamboo poles and sheer white draperies. The most common choice is white bunting as it is durable and can cover large areas with ease and efficiency. Personalised buntings can be used above the aisle to give a special effect and dramatically highlight the aisle.

Weddings with a homespun is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to use a lot of vintage furniture, rustic accessories and unique handcrafted bridal jewelry then choose an aisle with unique homespun flair in it. This will give your wedding a tinge of whimsical English country style through colorful bunting flags that will line the aisle. You can use a variety of calico prints to bring bright colors to match your color scheme. If you want floral décor, then you can also hang mason jars which are filled with flowers of your choice. 

Beach weddings have become very popular t and provides an opportunity to play with various elements. You can use tall clear vessels filled with sea shells to complement your beach wedding. You can use these vessels at a particular gap to line the aisle. This will make your aisle look simply fabulous and truly memorable.  

With all the above ideas, you will have a great decoration with greater wedding celebration.