Anarkali Suits- A Blend of Medieval and Modern Attire


Anarkali is one of the most splendid and opulent ethnic dresses embraced by women. The dress has got its name from the famous courtesan “Anarkali” in the Mughal Court. The name literally means “blossom pomegranate”. Here is a look at some of the things that every Anarkali suit wearer should know.


  • Design: The Anarkali has full or half sleeves and modest necklines. Earlier it was made of silk, muslin, cotton or other such natural fibers. These suits had rich floral motifs, block printing, and patterns created using a pen.

The Anarkali worn today is made of more synthetic clothes. This has added style to dressing. The designs by famous designers have brought enormous changes in the traditional attire keeping in mind the current fashion trends. Use of mind-blowing patterns, embroideries, designs, and embellishments have made them favorites of young women.

  • Types: There is no certain categorization. The types of suit vary according to the material used and patterns or color. For example -yellow-Anarkali-suit, embroidered suit, net Anarkali, plain stitched etc.

  • The trend of modern Style and AttirePresently there are numerous types of fabrics used in making the attire such as net, viscose, georgette, chiffon, and lace. It is embroidered with different patterns of appliqué, flowers, traditional rural scenes and activities along with mirror work, patchwork and much more. Now, the more fusion of different colors has brought more shades in the market. Finding colors like salmon, ochre, teal, and peach is quite common.

Where is it worn?

This suit is worn on several occasions from kitty parties to weddings. This elegant dress is loved by women of all ages because of its form and richness. Even celebrities adorn it with elegance.

Accessorizing Anarkali

  1. The Anarkali can be worn with heavy or light accessories.

  2. Different types of Anarkali come in different patterns and richness suitable for kind of occasion

  3. It is better wearing cotton, chiffon, nets in summer as they are a lightweight fabric

  4. Wearing brocades and silks are suitable for winter temperatures.

Maintenance of the Anarkali Suit

  • They are easily washable

  • This suit requires being dry cleaned every time.

  • It should be stored properly to protect from environmental elements

  • Indirect ironing is advised.

How to get Anarkali suit at reasonable rates?


  1. Anarkali suit manufacturers in Gujarat sell traditional ethnic dresses at very reasonable rates.

  2. Get suits in bulk at much lower prices for the party and casual occasions

  3. Order online and enjoy easy payments.

  4. Some of the manufacturers of Anarkali suits in Gujarat are also offering doorstep delivery

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