Ayurvedic Massage and Treatments

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How many times have you postponed or cancelled your spa appointments due to your daily life schedule?
Most of the Indian women give relaxation therapies and meditational sessions secondary and tertiary importance in their lives. But you need to realize that this is not a selfish deed. Keeping your body healthy and calm should be everybody’s top priority. It does not just let help you lead a stressless life but also helps you clear off the negative vibes from your surroundings.
The word Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit terms Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge). Its origin is considered to be the most ancient health cares system originated from the universe. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal are the other countries where ayurvedic medicines are commonly used for centuries.
No matter the true age of Ayurveda (whether it be 42,000 or 3,500 years), its practical knowledge and successful usage greatly outweighs that of any other widely – practiced a form of medicine.
Ayurveda teaches every individual to take ownership of their health by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle practices by following daily and seasonal routines. The aim is not just to cure disease, but rather to maintain and preserve health, and strive for the perfect balance of a clear mind and an energetic body.
Ayurveda treats through a customized plan that involves internal cleaning through alterations in diet, herbal combinations, herbs, exercises, and medicines. According to Onlymyhealth, Prakriti consists of three energies namely, Vata, Pitta, and kapha. Where pitta is made up of fire and water, Vata is made up of space and air, Kapha is made of water and earth.
Ayurvedic medicine helps to balance these doshas and increase the body’s ability to resist and recover from diseases. Some of the several benefits of Ayurveda include preventive care against western medicines. healthy skin, Anti-aging, De-stressing, Relaxation and Revitalizing energy.
These are some of the modern ways of treating your bodies- Deep tissue massage-Relieving deep knots and fixing movement patterns, Swedish massage-a lighter, more relaxing type of massage, sports massage-dealing specifically with sport-centric people and Rolfing- to treat chronic injuries with an integrated, whole-body approach.
But for the ones who solely believe in the ancient ways of treating and healing their bodies from every type of physical and mental injury, here are some most famous Ayurveda treatments for you to endeavor at least once.
1. VLCC offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments to focus and heal particular pain points.
Udvartanam, Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Mukhlepam, Bastis, and Elakizhi are some amongst the most famous therapies offered there.
2. Indian holiday offers pizhichil, Dhara, Sirodhara, Sirovasti, Panchakarma and Udwarthanam.
3. Ayurvedic healing offers Panchakarma, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana and Udvartana alike the ones offered by Vlcc.
4. Kairali centers offer special therapies related to meditation,  body massages and face glow like Abhyangam, Udwarthanam and Sriodhara and Royal makeover.