Basics understanding on developer certification and hdfc commands


In recent days android has taken over all the technology as this is an open source many developed had been taken place in very short period of time,the android development processes in which new innovation or application that are said to be created for a device that runs on Android and one of the best example that we see in our daily life is our mobile device that runs on Android and may application are created and updated in the device. The application in the android device is created using various programming languages such as C, C++, Java etc. are few programming languages that are used for the development of an application for the android device. Many of the application development has been done having android as a base because it’s an open source and the application that is said to be created are easy to integrate. Below mentioned are few advantages of learning android

Efficient for small-scale industries:

The android provided SDK which reduces the cost of owning the software development and testing are the major process in the Android development.


Open Source:

The great benefit of Android is that it’s an open source and it’s the best framework this make the Android platform very attractive and the craze for the android development and Android-based device are no reduced.


Integration Services:

The entire Android platform can be customized we can easily integrate with the mobile application. The android tends to be the best mobile platform to integrate the application and this is very efficient when compared with another platform.


Easy adoption:

The android application is built with the help of Java programing language and good knowledge in java will be very helpful to adopt android development.

These are the major process that is involved in android development to excel, android developer certification is provided where you are recognized as android developer universally and this will help us too with good knowledge and understanding about android development.

The HDFS is used by Hadoop application which is used as primary data storage system it worked on distributed file system employs data node and  Name Node architecture which help us to access data with very high efficiency and provide high –performance to access the data from Hadoop cluster. The  are many hdfs commands that are used to process the data mkdir, Is, put, copy From Local etc are some of the basic commands that are said to bed is in the HDFS.

Handling of data become very complex when it is said to be carried forward with traditional method and to replace this technique there are many innovations in version platform and one such is the HDFS which is used to handle the data in Hadoop cluster and this will helps in high performance and efficiency. The certification a field with other knowledge in other platforms will have a great impact and will help us to manage the data efficiently so this will be the future for handling the huge set of data that are beyond the size.