Benefits in your body with the rowing machine


When it comes to aerobic exercise in the gym we always mention the elliptical or the stationary bike, but we miss a very interesting device such as the rowing machine. Although we do not believe it it is a very complete machine as we will see below. It’s just a matter of being aware of the benefits of rowing:

  • We will get the same benefits as with any other anaerobic machine only in this case we will involve more parts of our body. You will be burning a significant number of calories while improving breathing and blood circulation.


  •  it will also contribute to the strengthening of the legs. Keep in mind that in this exercise we propel ourselves with our legs which will be at all times in pressure. The twins and quadriceps will be the main beneficiaries of our work in the rowing machine. which will be toned to the maximum making us have stronger legs.


  • The practice of this exercise will also involve the upper body mainly in the back area, which will be responsible for attracting the rowing to us. We will be doing a very intensive work with this part of the body which will not be the only one we will be exercising since other very important arms such as the biceps and the triceps are also involved.


As in any other exercise that takes place in the gym, we must always adopt the most appropriate posture, which in this case consists of leaving the back straight so that the upper part of the body remains in line with the lower body. It is about adopting a movement that allows us to contract the two zones at the same time. In the event that you do not do well, you could end up with some type of discomfort or back injury, in addition to not achieving the desired results.

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