Benefits of Counselling to Eliminate the Grief of Loss


Life is the most unpredictable. With so many happiness and progressive notes it also pour down grief and sadness that never easily goes out of the mind. Life becomes most painful when the dear and loved ones leave for heavenly abode. The undefined silence and the loss of loved ones many a time engages a person in stages of grief that need to cope with immediately for a better and healthy mind.

Grief counselling is sure to reap immense benefits and comforting the sorrows either from day or years after the loss. To get through the stages of grief, counselling is the key for a happy future.

 The 7 stages of grief are:

1.      Denial of Reality: Many people cannot accept the fact of losing the loved one and remain in a state of shock for days but if severity is hard, it can last for months too.

2.     Guilt: The pain of losing when accompanied with guilt of doing things that you should not and things that you were planning to do together is excruciating. This thought is unbelievably painful.

3.      Frustration: The feeling of doing mistakes in the past and promising to never let it happen ever.

4.      Depression: Often after the loss of loved ones get into sever depression and live the life with no happiness and indulgence. They isolate themselves from the daily activities.         

5.      Dissipation: The reverse of all the four things mentioned above.

6.      Positive Construction: People accept the fate but turn into more of a practical person and rude too.

7.      Acceptance: At this stage people accept the lost and move forward with a new hope but the love remains the same for the lost person.

With these stages of grief counselling or Mayfair bereavement strategies to cope with the loss of loved one, the person learns the art of accepting the fate and concentrate more on happy memories and legacies to cherish.