Best Footwear for Travelers


Whether you’re going to a different country or simply exploring the wonders of the Philippines shoes are very important items that you need to have in your luggage. Often, travelers carry two to three pairs of different footwear with them during their adventures. However, the number may increase depending on the purpose of their travel and the activities that they plan to enjoy.

Experienced and frequent travelers know which pairs to pack and which to leave behind, but beginners tend to overstuff their bags with shoes. For those who are having this problem, we’ve listed the types of footwear that you should definitely bring with you.


Flats are a must for women who love to travel because not only are they comfortable and stylish, they’re also lightweight and easy to carry. Aside from this, a single pair in black or nude can be paired with almost anything without any problem, so you won’t have to stress about matching your outfits. If one is not enough, you can easily bring two or three pairs because, as we’ve said, they’re pretty light and easy to pack.


Another thing that you may want to bring especially if you’re travelling to a tropical country is a good pair of sandals. These sandals can be dressy or sporty depending on what style you wear with them. There are also hiking sandals that you can use if you’re climbing hills and mountains. A single pair should suffice and last throughout your trip so don’t forget to fit them into your bag.

Casual Shoes

Bringing a pair of casual shoes is a necessity because it offers comfort, support, and style – the holy trinity of footwear. Not only does it complete your OOTD but it actually keeps your feet protected. You can wear them when you go around town and look at malls, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. There are many types of casual shoes – you can go for boat shoes, classic sneakers, slip-ons and more.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are your best bet if you’re planning to explore the city streets for the duration of your trip. They provide absolute comfort and support while still looking good. Admittedly, athletic shoes aren’t as stylish as casual shoes but, fortunately, they’re currently in-style and fashionable. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, it isn’t unusual to go out and walk the streets with a pair of trainers on. So if you prioritize comfort above anything else, then don’t forget to pack a pair of athletic shoes.

Hiking Boots

Now, these aren’t an absolute necessity for many and is only recommended for those who enjoy mountain-climbing and extreme hiking. These activities can stress the feet and legs, so it’s important to wear appropriate footwear, and there’s no better option than hiking boots. Aside from providing support and proper grip on the ground, these can also protect your feet from injuries, scratches, and wounds. Hiking boots can be a little hefty but you absolutely need them if you plan on going hiking or trekking.

Key Takeaway

There are a lot of shoes in the Philippines and choosing which to bring to your travels can be a difficult task. However, you can make the task easier if you think of the activities you are going to do.

Flats, casual shoes, and athletic shoes are best for exploring the city and looking at wonderful sights. Sandals are a must in tropical countries and if you’re going to hang out by the beach. If you’re planning on climbing mountains, dormant volcanoes and the like, then be sure to pack a pair of durable hiking boots.

Using these footwear types, you should be able to achieve the perfect balance between comfort, support, and style which is necessary for the health of your feet and legs!