Best Guide : Easy way to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus


We are happy to ask by our new readers about how they can add some new and important topics in their WordPress navigation menus.

Lots of people think that they need to create new pages instead of each topic and then add them to the menu.


However, if any user does that, then they wo n’t be able to display related posted there. In our this article, we will give an idea to you how to add topics in WordPress navigation menus without creating any additional pages.

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How to add topics?

Now Let’s say that we want to create a website about IT company office for different cities. You may be trying to add city names in our navigation menu and show relevant articles when users click on that link.

This is where categories come in. Your content will sort into taxonomies if a system will allow you because WordPress comes with a powerful built-in system.

What is Categories?

The category is one of the pre-defined taxonomy in WordPress.The purpose of using this to sort and group content into different sections. When a website is publishing their content on a different-different topic can divide into sections using categories.

Example: Let’s suppose any news channel website can be categories articles into different filed under News, Business, Weather, Politics, Sports, etc.


If there is no category mentioned for a related post then the post is automatically filed into the default category.

If we are trying to install a new WordPress installation, in that the default category is ‘Uncategorized’. The default category can be changed by web administrator using from Setting >> Writing screen. Multiple categories can be filed a WordPress post that can have two 1.categories and 2.tags.


How to Add Categories?

when we are writing a post for creating a category in WordPress. On the post editor screen, there is one meta box with a list of existing categories. Checked the box next to the category name after that we can file our post in existing categories.

One more operating new link which is clicking on the + Add New Category link.tion to cr


Now, we have more option to directly add a category that is Post >> categories screen. Provide a name, if we want we can add a slug, using lowercase, can have letters, hyphens, numbers for a URL friendly name. If we trying to create a child category then we have to choose a parent category. According to our need click on Add New Category button before providing a description for our category.


What are taxonomies?


In WordPress every one using a term that name is Taxonomy, but no one can know that they are using this. There is a way the Group post and custom post types are together that is using the WordPress taxonomies. Categories and Tags are very popular taxonomies that use on regular basis by people in WordPress.


Now, forum posts we have to two taxonomies ready to use with it and these are by default. And the two taxonomies are called categories and tags in WordPress.


Categories are pecking order, for a broader range of topics they have used it. For very specific topics they can be used short articles because Tags are a non-pecking order

Using the category?

When writing our blog posts we can add or select categories. On the right side column of the post editing screen, there are one category meta box will appear.

Once a post will be created than under different categories filled

it. Now, this categories will ready to add into our site’s navigation menu.

And some steps are there follow them:-

  1. Visit Appearance,

  2. Menu

  3. to expand it click on the categories tab.

Next, On our need click on Add to menu button when we choose categories which we want to add to them into a menu. The categories which one we chose will now appear in menu items in the right side column. We can also using drag and drop for moving up and down.

After our satisfaction with the menu, store our changes clicking on save menu button.

Now, we are ready to see our changes in action after a visit on our website.

If our menu categories are in ranked this means that we can have two categories i.e; Parent and child categories.

Now, this way we can create some attractive drop-down menus that we want to see our user’s important topics. From this users quickly find what they want and what type of information they need it is very helpful.


We hope you people like this content and this is helpful for you. If you think that this content improves more and get more information then please share your ideas what you people think about this.

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