Best Haircuts for Girls

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A good hairstyle is a very important factor to add charm to the overall personality of a person.

Addressing the right hairstyle for an event corresponds highly to the impression you leave on people. Similar to a good clothing sense, a hairstyle sense is more alike imperative to your final appearance and adds a final touch to your outlook.

But how do you know which is the best hairstyle for your hair?  

After all, not everybody can hire a stylist or go to premium salons who offer their professional service at a professional cost!

So today, let’s catch up with some homework-

Here are few well-known face shapes best haircuts– oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond and oblong. your face shape may vary from the one mentioned above, yet it will be close to either of them.

So, the next time you go for a hairstyle, keep these in mind.

An oval-shaped face has a length equal to one and a half times width and the forehead and jaw are the same widths.

A round shape face has circular shaped and the length is approximately equal to the width.

A square shape face has a strong and broad forehead and angular jaw.

A Heart shape face is wide at the forehead and cheekbones and narrows at the jawline.

A Triangular shape face has narrow forehead and cheekbones and has a wider jawline.

A Diamond-shape face has narrow forehead and jawline whereas the cheekbones are wide and high.

An Oblong face is longer than wider, with long, straight cheek line.

But today, this articles is for a special set of people who are often misjudged.

Did you know that short hairstyle has the ability to change the girl’s outlook towards life? Gone are those days when Mumma used to suggest long locks for feminity. In this era where women do not want to be heard, it is essential that we make them hear us in their own language!

1. Side swept bangs

If you have blond hair and a long-neck like our favorite Taylor Swift, this cute short haircut with one-sided long locks would be just the right option for you to choose.

2. Long flick chic

Nothing parallels simplicity. If you do not prefer short fringes but like to keep it short, try out this one-sided chin-level bang to perfectly highlight your flawless cheekbones and jawline.

3. The Beachy bob

If you’re someone who loves to wear beach waves but thinks her length as a problem, one of the best options here is the beachy bob. Opt for disconnected ends to amp up the texture and volume of your style.

4. Shaggy Bob cut

Smooth and softly rounded, not tousled and messy. With just one layer of layers that bobs softly over the bottom.

5. Symmetrical swoopy layers

One of the more unique layered hairstyles out there plays not on variety but rather symmetry. If you prefer a polished medium length hairstyle, consider consistent, even layers.

6. The Balayage Lob


Bringing an extra dose of freshness and dimension to the lob, make sure to lighten strands that fall close to cheeks for a more luminous complexion.