Bringing Email Revolution in BigCommerce to Accelerate Growth!


In a wholly saturated eCommerce market, BigCommerce has shown up as a boon to retailers. Whether it is about setting up an online store or advertising it or any other business essential, it supports all with a great effectiveness.

Not only BigCommerce website development unlocks a great shopping experience but is also full of unique business growth strategies. It is an easy to manage platform which means even if you are not a technical professional, you can still take the best out of this platform.

To make the process more convenient, retailers can opt for PSD to BigCommerce theme customization services from any leading agency or expert. In this piece of writing, I shall be focusing upon the three powerful types of emails and their effective implementation in your BigCommerce store to intensify business profits.

Emails have always remained the essence of digital marketing in eCommerce. And, it is constantly thriving as a profitable sales channel for many retailers.

As per Dotmailer’s report on email marketing trends, “an email send for business purposes receives 30 times ROI on an average”.

Let’s get started!

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the first touchpoint in email marketing and hold an opening rate of 100% by every single consumer of your business.

As per Experian, “Welcome emails experience more than 3 times the transactions & revenue per email. ”

These emails also help you to build a personal factor between you and customers and can have a lifetime impact on them.

Some of the best practices to follow while drafting welcome emails are:

  • Send it immediately
  • Confirmation link to click (create necessity to get it opened)
  • Offer some first-time rewards or discounts on purchase
  • Show gratitude
  • Customer service details
  • And, other promotional offers.

Abandoned Cart Emails

An abandoned cart is not a unique term in eCommerce arena as hundreds of shopping carts across different websites undergo this phase. And, these carts should be treated as a sense of urgency and should not be ignored.

“On an average, every retailer suffered from 78.65% abandoned cart rate in the year 2017.”

This rate is not yet static and possibly differs dramatically varying on the nature of business you deal in. If we consider eCommerce industry, almost ¾ of consumers leave their shopping carts without completing the purchase.

Although this rate is quite high and depressing still there is a scope of converting those abandoned carts into profitable ones.

To address this need, email marketing comes in the scenario. Consumers leaving your shopping cart may involve several reasons like complex checkout process, found same product somewhere else, added it for later purchase etc.

The reason behind it may be any but it can be handled with the right type of abandoned cart emails. Such emails work as a reminder to your customers in case they still wish to continue with the purchase.

Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails:

  • Be precise & impressive
  • Brief specification of the products
  • A grief factor of leaving you
  • Redirect link to their cart
  • Offer a discount
  • Make it an urgency (provide a time limit to complete the purchase)

Aside from this, you can always come up with more interactive email strategy depending upon your niche.

Relevant Promotional Emails

Advertising your products is the backbone of your online as well as offline business. Unlike physical storefronts, you are not limited to the hoardings & banners of offers in front of or inside it.

In digital commerce, you are being offered with various touchpoints like promotional email campaigns. Such campaigns can help you to reach your targeted audience within a few seconds.

Final Words

In conclusion, Emails play a vital role in heading towards a fruitful eCommerce journey. However, it completely depends on you that how you deal with it and carry forward with marketing.