Case Study | Cloud Migration Services for Largest Manufacturer of Voting Machines in USA


About Client:

Largest manufacturer of voting machines in the US, providing election management systems and services supporting democratic elections by maintaining voter confidence and enhancing the voting experience to the citizens.

Technology Used:

 AWS, .NET MVCS, MS SQL Server, Load Impact

Business Challenges:

 · Existing On-Premise setup had scalability and performance issues due to which the system did not go live for one of the major counties in March 2016

· Critical SLAs not adhered to

· Existing production environment not powerful enough to handle the data volume load of 15 counties for the US General Elections – 2016

Business Benefits:

· Team with extensive experience in AWS completing the work ahead of stipulated time frame

· Expert AWS personnel providing round the clock support during US General Elections 2016

· Effective configuration of Auto scaling groups that overcame the performance bottlenecks

Solution Provided:

· Conducted PoC to prove the capabilities in AWS prior to taking up deployment in Production instances.

 · Installed two Production environments and a Staging environment well within the stipulated time frame.

· Saved time by converting the PoC environment to one of the Production environments.

· Leveraged the core features of AWS (Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing) to a greater extent thereby addressing the performance bottlenecks of the existing production setup.

· Setting up of Windows and Database Clustering for Primary and Secondary SQL Server Instances in both the production environments.

· Effectively monitored the environment during Performance Testing.

· Provided dedicated support during the US General elections.


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