Discovering the East Coast – Trips from Vizag


The port city of Vizag is well connected to all the famous sights and sounds of Eastern India’s coast. Weekend trips to temple towns and tranquil beaches can easily be arranged with self driven cars available via apps. Here are some of the destinations that the locals of Vizag enjoy visiting.


150 kms south of Vizag, Kakinada and its surrounding terrain is a favoured seaside haunt. Its most famous beach is Uppada Beach, which has been part of a large restoration effort after a 2013 cyclone. The easy gradient makes this a very safe beach where revellers can venture into the shallow waters and splash around. Local fishing villages add a vibrant cultural element to the beach. In the evenings, visitors can tuck into fresh seafood dishes while enjoying the glow of the setting light.

Guntur District

Journeying along the NH16, 432 kms from Vizag is the Suryalanka Beach at Bapatla. The beach can be described as a sparsely crowded natural sandy promenade that lines the ocean with groves of palm on the west. Visitors can relax in one of the beachside cottages run by the local tourism authority.

There are many other attractions in the Guntur district. A pleasant drive away from Suryalanka, the Undavalli caves are beautiful rock-cut temples with multiple levels and carved pillars. Close to Bapatla, the ruins of the Kondaveedu Fort provide a good hiking area. The oldest ramparts date back to the 12th century and one can witness a blend of Islamic and old Indian architecture in the surviving quarters.              

Guntur is also a major supplier of chillis in India. Expect to encounter this spicy treat in the local food. The Guntur biryani is a twist on the South Indian favourite.


The city of Puri is one of the holiest locations of the Hindu religion. It is most famous for the Jagannatha Temple, its central spire jutting out of the crowded city centre teeming with pilgrims. The sight will remind any visitor of the deep spiritual heritage of India. Away from its temple-related sites, Puri is also home to a scenic coastline.

The main beach offers a plethora of sights apart from the soothing warm waters of the Bay of Bengal and enchanting sunrises. One can explore the various stalls that sell local craftwork and marvel at the sand sculptures, an iconic part of Puri beach. A short drive away, Ballighai beach is home to one of the rarest marine species in the world – Olive Ridley turtles. 15 kms east of Puri, Beleswar Beach is another serene shoreline dotted with temples.        

Travelling to these exotic locales is done best on one’s own terms. This is a reason why a lot of travellers are choosing self drive cars in Vizag for these road adventures. Platforms like Zoomcar offer affordable rates and one gets to choose from the best sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. 24/7 on-road support ensures added security for the entire trip. Self drive cars provide end-to-end transport – there is no dependence on local transport.


India’s eastern coast is a relatively unexplored corner of the sub-continent. Enjoy these unique destinations. Get behind the wheel.

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