Don’t Allow Spare Parts Affect Your Production


If an industry has to earn profits, it has to run continuously without any break and see that the work is done within the set time limits. Only if the engines and machines are used to their full potential can the company earn money?

A breakdown by any of the machinery can stop the whole production unit and bring down the productivity and profits. In the case of heavy industries, it is even more severe because the loss because of the stop at work will be huge.

When we started our company a quarter of a century back RR Diesel, it was with this intention. We decided that no company should face a breakdown due to a machine breakdown. This is why we source the best spare parts from around the world and supply to the industries.

We ensure that the companies get their spare parts in time so that their downtime is very minimum. As there are different types of engines and machinery available in the various industries, we also source the parts for all these machines.

RR Diesel ensures to supply only genuine spare parts so that there is no problem later on. A low-quality spare part could bring the machine to a stop before the expected time. One faulty part can also be the reason for other related parts in the system also to be spoiled.

We supply only the genuine spare parts from the company or spare parts that are of OEM quality. RR Diesel is the authorized supplier of Perkins engine parts. We also supply spare parts from many other reputed manufacturers.

Our operations are spread in the USA, UAE, Hong Kong, and India, apart from Singapore where we are based at. We supply engines and spare parts to many industries like Mining, Oil & Gas, Shipping, Construction etc.

All the above industries being very crucial it is necessary for delivery of parts and engines at the right time and at affordable prices. As we have been able to achieve this our customers have remained loyal to us. We are also suppliers of a locomotive diesel engine to the heavy industries. We are committed to continuing to serve these industries to the best of our abilities.