Don’t let low battery scare you anymore – Maximize your iPhone’s battery life.


In the present world, we cannot imagine a day without mobile phones. Each one of us spends a lot of time surfing the internet searching for various things. 

When it comes to mobile phones, there are a lot of varieties available in different price range of different brands out there. Even smartphones are now available at lower prices. 

Most of the people dream to buy an iPhone. iPhone is an Apple’s iOS product which was introduced in 2007. It is one of the most expensive phones available in the market. Once someone buys it, they handle with utmost care. The iPhone screen protectors, Back cases, and all the necessary steps are taken to protect the phone from any kind of damages.

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The main problem faced by people using iPhone is its battery backup.

The battery life of a phone is the time that device works before it needs to be recharged again. According to the iPhone users, the battery life of the phone is less, and it needs to be often recharged.



How to maximize battery life?

There are different ways to maximize your iPhone battery life. Let’s look into it in detail:

1.      This device is designed to be used in a wide range of ambient temperatures of about 16°C to 22°C. This temperature is considered to be an ideal comfort zone. Therefore, exposing the device to a higher temperature can lead to permanent damage to the battery.

2.      One of the easiest ways is to turn down the brightness level of the phone. Lowering the brightness level reduces the battery usage and increases the battery life. It’s better to turn on the “Auto-brightness” feature to let display adjust brightness on its own based on the intensity of light.

3.      Turn off the Wi-Fi connectivity when not in use. When the internet is not in use, then turn off your Wi-fi feature as it will save your battery life by limiting the background updates.

4.      Do not charge your device to full if you plan to store the device. Storing the device with 100% charge might lead to deep discharge state of the battery which will lead to the incapability of the device to hold the charge. Therefore, charge your device to almost 50% when it is to be stored. If it’s stored for a long time, then charge the device to 50% every six months.


5.      Refreshing background apps is a in-built feature of the iOS. Apps running in the background get refreshed despite their use. When the app is open, you get the latest updates without swiping down for refreshing it. Therefore, turn off the “Background app refresh” in the “General settings” option.

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The above mentioned are few steps that can be considered for maximizing the battery life of an iPhone and making the most out of it.  


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