Fun and creative things to do in a long distance relationship


Career opportunities, responsibilities and many other obligations sometimes separate inseparable couples. Apart from growing old together, both have some other dreams and sometimes both have to move away in order to pursue their dreams. Call it poor timing or bad luck. This happens. There are two things that are very true about love. The first one is – you cannot define love. The second one is – love never dies. Initially, you feel that staying apart is the worst thing that can happen to you. However, the absence of the physical aspect in a relationship can strengthen the bond of love. All you need is some fun and creative long distance date ideas.       


A Surprise Visit


Keep it secret. Do not reveal your plans. Just show up at the door. The reaction of your partner will be priceless.    


Send love letters


A phone call is always expected. A webcam session is often planned. There is no element of surprise in the modern technology-driven and fast-paced communication. Sending handwritten love letters is one of the best long distance date ideas.


A date night


You can turn your webcam session into a date night. However, limit it to only once a week. Light the same number of candles with the same color, bring the same bottle of wine and spend that night together.


Play Online Games


You can end up with a hilarious date night. You can play a board game or you can challenge your partner to some online game.     


Send a surprise gift


If you know that your partner is going to buy a DVD of his favorite music group then you can purchase one for your partner. Place an online order and get it delivered to your partner’s place.


Play some online quizzes


There are many fun and exciting “are you compatible” quizzes. You and your partner both are asked same questions and the answers you provide determine your compatible. Though you might have different personalities and you might provide different answers, it does not mean that you are not compatible. This is just for fun.



There is no end to things to do in a long distance relationship. There are many more long distance date ideas for a stronger relationship.