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Digital Marketing

The basic tool that you need for an e-commerce company is the e-commerce website. You need an attractive website that will hold the attention of the customers. It should offer the customer an interesting user experience. The visuals should be powerful and communicate a strong message about your products. e-commerce website development the interface should be easy to use. The customer should be able to see the products clearly and get all the information about it from the e-commerce website. Other requirements for the customers are that they should be able to process their orders very quickly and make payments smoothly. They should be able to add or remove products from the cart without any problems. Your website should also be able to offer discounts or other offers whenever needed. Addition of shipping charges should be done automatically. All these will make your e-commerce website get you a lot of business.

For the company, the website should have the facility for customer management. You should be able to identify frequent customers. You should be able to upload catalogs and pictures of your products. There should be a facility to add or modify content on the website. Inventory management is another requirement for any company. They should be alerted well in advance with regard to products in low stock. The company should be able to manage their vendors also on this website. You should also be able to extract various reports from the website itself. It should allow you to get daily, weekly and monthly sales reports which will tell you how you are progressing. There should be inventory reports. It should tell you which products are more popular. Customer management is very important. You should know your new and repeat customers. It should tell you the shopping patterns of different customers.

BThrust is the best company for e-commerce website development in Singapore. We will satisfy all your above requirements with regard to the website. Additionally, we will also make the website SEO friendly so that it continues to divert more and more traffic to your website thus facilitating an increase in sales. We will also ensure to incorporate adequate security measures on the website.

The mobile application is another excellent marketing tool for many companies. These applications are easy to use for customers who are on the move. They don’t have to reach for their PCs or laptops. They can do all the shopping on the mobile phone itself. BThrust is a mobile apps company that has developed many applications that have helped companies to improve their sales.