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Frizzy hair can be hard to love. Especially when you see your best friend having those silky smooth locks. Be it rainy, humid or snowy, the trees remain smooth.
Selecting moisture rich and nourishing shampoos and conditioners are as essential as hydrating oneself. It helps you restore your frizzy hair. But how do you know what is best for you?
Out of frustration, many of us try to fix our hair with Vitamin supplements and home remedies like hot oil treatment, Rinsing them with Apple cider vinegar and Beer, Egg white mask and Avocado masks. But not all of such treatments are effective and sometimes leaves our hair even more frizzy resulting in hair loss.
Another common belief of people is trimming hair regularly to promote hair growth; but the truth is that genetics, hormones, and diet are the true factors that affect the rate at which your hair grows. The real reason you need regular haircuts is to keep your hair healthy. Split ends give your hair neglected appeal but also make your hair look unhealthy. 
therefore, it is best to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to maintain strong and healthy hair. Remember that stress is one of the major uncared reasons why men and women lose their hair. Your mental well being is of utmost importance for your overall physical health.
Sometimes, natural therapies are not the solution to every problem. Which is why we generated new ways to tackle new-age problems. In fact,  “rebonding”  came into the picture much before you imagined it to be. It was first used by REDS Hairdressing from Singapore in the late 1980s, which slowly spread to the rest of the region. But while permanent hair straightening could make even the curliest of hair types look pin straight, experts started to recommend hair smoothening over hair straightening. here’s why: Most people want a natural finish without their hair looking pin straight. Hair smoothing, although temporary, serves this purpose with less damage.
With hair straightening, the hair bonds need to be broken and then rebuilt. This spells a certain amount of hair damage. While your hair can be repaired, it needs intensive care and regular touch-ups and trims when the natural hair starts to grow back in.
But which hands to trust when the question is about your tresses
Here are some well-known salons options for you to hand over your hair in safe hands
Usually, the cost of smoothening and hair spa depends from salon to salon and the length of your hair.
Any parlour in Delhi can cost you anything between 4000-9000 plus, Shoulder Length – can range anywhere from Rs 3,500 to Rs. 5,000; Mid waist – can range from Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 and hair Below waist length can range from – Rs. 10,000 and up.
Plus Rs 1500-3000 for the products you will be required to purchase (shampoo + conditioner + cream + serum) again depending on the brand of products that you will be choosing. Some famous hair smoothening products are Loreal, matrix, Toni and guy make sure you don’t go as per the price tag a salon has to offer but go where it uses quality products because spending some extra bucks can save your hair from falling.
Coming towards hair spa,
Repeated use of colors and treatments surely radiants your hair but over the time it also makes the hair dehydrated.
A good hair spa can strengthen & moisturize the inner structure of weak & dehydrated hair strands without destructuring your smooth and straight locks.
The range for a good hair spa can start anywhere from Rs400 to Rs1500 depending on the length of your hair and particular brand’s products you choose to use.
Some of the best salons that offer you a relaxing hair spa in Delhi are:
1. MONSOON SALON AND SPA which uses L`oreal professional products
2. VLCC – Well known for their professional services and polite behaviour. They offer complete hair care service powered by L`oreal professional.
3. TONI and GUY- use the extreme range of Kérastase Pari and Schwarzkopf  hair care products
4. LAKME` Salon use their own Teknia and K. Therapy range of products under their own brand name
5. LOOKS SALON use the l`oreal and Matrix, Wella Professional range of products
6. Jawed Habib use biomatrix and l`oreal professional, Wella Professional
7. Naturals- widely use l`oreal and Matrix, Wella Professional products.