How Customer Experience helps your business?


In the last few years we are witnessing a paradigm shift where all major business strategies are centered around Customer Experience (CX). Many businesses start with a formal customer experience initiative but fail to succeed in what they try to do all because of, inflexible technology, siloed organizations, limited budget and inability to measure performance.

Sensiple’s solutions are always evolving to overcome these hurdles. We focus on increasing revenue and speeding up processes by unifying operations. We’re progressively working with our clients to transform their entire business model, integrating services, moving to automation through real-time analytics and prospering in a digital age to achieve a competitive edge.

Sensiple helps you improve your customer experience by letting you understand what your client expects and setting up personalized interactions with them.

Our Services are:

·        IVR Modernization – Our team is ready to assist you in modernizing your existing IVR system as well as developing modern IVR system to boost your customer experience.

·        Virtual Assistant – AI Chatbot understands customer’s natural language, process and responds with an appropriate solution like a human agent.

·        Voice Biometric Solution –  We provide an advanced authentication technology with speaker verification which identifies unique geometry of the speakers vocal tract like vocal tract length to eradicate security challenges

·        CTI Solution –  CTI enables unified dashboard experience for customer service agents by integrating caller information, call logs, cases, support tickets, dialing outbound calls, emails, chat conversations

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