How Does Google Mobile First Index Work and How Does it Impact in SEO Results

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SEO ranking and search result ranking are most discussed words in the digital marketing arena with many companies focusing on the digital world to market their products. Next Screen Infotech is one of the best known digital marketing companies based in Kolkata famous for their professional SEO Consulting Service. Usually, Google follows a specific algorithm to rank a website in search engine results based on its content. The traditional way of indexing of website is based on Desktop, but these days, Google is trying to introduce mobile first indexing to give a new experience to its users.

What is Google Mobile First Index?

Recent studies claim that more users are accessing the internet through their smartphones more than regular desktop users. It is indeed due to the increase in the availability of smartphones at cheaper rates with fast internet connectivity. Anyway, with the increase in mobile usage, it has prompted Google to introduce the search page indexing in mobile platforms first, to give more importance to the mobile content and experience.

Mobile first indexing is nothing but indexing and ranking website based on the mobile experience and mobile, unlike the traditional desktop content. Mobile first indexing will not ultimately affect the desktop site rankings, but it considers mobile expertise before desktop experience while ranking. This system is more likely if the desktop website and mobile website gives a different experience and provide different content.

How Mobile First Index affects SEO results?

As mentioned, Mobile First Index will not affect any website that has the same content and experience on both desktop and mobile versions, since the algorithm works in such a way that it will consider the mobile content first, then the website with the same and greatly designed content on both desktop and mobile will be ranked higher. However, if the mobile site has information completely different from the desktop and has bad user experience on it, then it would negatively affect the website.

Taking care for Mobile First Index

As the website with good mobile experience and content will result in a higher ranking through Mobile first Index, Next Screen Infotech can help with the following strategies to rank higher in SEO results.

·         Content:

Next Screen has best-experienced content writers who can deliver great and high-quality content to both desktop and mobile websites. Our content includes text, videos and images with formats suitable to the mobile versions and this makes the website easily crawlable and indexable.

·         Use structured data:

It is essential to use structured data in both desktop and mobile websites. Next screen will make sure that all the URLs are shown within structure data on mobile pages, and they should be specific to a mobile version. Avoid unnecessary and irrelevant data in the content.

·         Metadata:

Titles and Meta descriptions are essential parts in search engine ranking. Next Screen provides users with free SEO analysis reports that help them to come up suitable keywords with which they can prepare an appropriate title and Meta description. Try to use equivalent content both on the desktop and mobile versions.

Finally, with professional services provided by Next Screen, businesses can rank their website higher in the search engine results even with the Mobile first Index.

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