How to Choose theBest ivf Doctor in Indiafor Treatment?


It is not easy to get pregnant in a first try. Many couples took a year to conceive a baby. IVF is a risky process for having a biological child. This process is used for infertility treatment hence it should be done by the good and experienced doctor.

We shared a few factors you should consider while choosing a right IVF doctor for treatment.

Doctor specification                        

While selecting the doctor for best IVF treatment, the major thing is to know the doctor background. Many couples go to big clinics or hospitals without considering the doctor specification. There are many reputed hospitals which have junior doctors.


You cannot directly approach any doctor for treatment without an internal check-up. Many couples don’t take their previous reports or willing to go for the new check-up. Whenever you are visiting the Doctor see that he/she is considering fresh check-ups as they are based on current conditions.

Protect yourself from the unethical process

It is important to know that many doctors practice unfair activities. There are some cases where doctors unethically share your egg with some other patient without prior notice. You should know each activity and should know the person whom you are sharing your egg.

Clinic Facilities

It is not advised to choose a Doctor who is not having a clinic with all the facilities and equipment. The major things these clinics should possess is the embryo freezing technology. Such hospitals are not technically good if the doctor does not have money to spend on major equipment.


Cities do not have much best IVF clinic in India and doctors for IVF treatment as it is a modern technique. You might need to travel an hour to reach them. Don’t hesitate in approaching them due to the hesitation of location. As the Good doctor at distance is important than a near one without experience.


Don’t make your decision in the first appointment. Try to connect with other patients in the clinic who are taking IVF treatment. You will get a good feedback and choose a right IVF easily.

IVF certification

An experienced doctor will have an IVF certification on their clinic wall. The best ivf doctor in India always displays their qualification and achievements through the framed certificates in their clinic.

Team of doctors

This treatment is not run by a single doctor. There are various activities take place for this treatment. Various check-ups and medication are done by other doctors.


There are many methods of IVF like natural IVF, ovarian Hyperstimulation, Egg retrieval, embryo culture, embryo selection, etc. You need to see that doctor should know all the methods and can advise you the best method suitable for your biological conditions.

Success Rate

Lastly, all that matters is the success rate. Check the success rate and live birth rate.

IVF has become common nowadays. As per the reports around 5 million children are born under this process till date. Getting a right doctor will not be a challenge.

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