How to Get Hold of Your Dream Car Without Breaking The Bank


Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar – if that’s the kind of car you dream of at night then WAKE UP because it’s time to turn your dreams into reality.

No, we are not asking you to rob a bank! All you have to do is open your laptop and surf the Internet for the term Personal Contract Hire in the UK.

What is PCH or personal contract hire?

In a nutshell, with personal car leasing, you can drive a car on a monthly rental scheme. You sign a long-term lease contract with a car leasing dealership(2 to 4 years) and depending on the car model, features and mileage, pay a fixed monthly rent.

At the end of the contract you hand the car back; the dealer does a quick inspection to ensure the vehicle has been properly maintained and that’s about it!

Now let’s talk about how you can get your DREAM CAR!

Car leasing and hiring has a whole host of benefits – easier to finance, quick delivery, in-house maintenance and more. But if you are a middle-class motor head, then PCH(personal contract hire) is probably the only way for you to drive a car you always wanted.

Buying a car is a big liability even for the more affordable models and for the average salaried person, a bigger, better or fancier ride remains a teenage dream until they hit middle age.

With car leasing, you can cut out the years of bank loan, tons of paperwork AND being stuck with a depreciating asset. For very affordable monthly payments you can pick the car you always wanted – for example, a brand-new Jaguar E-Pace Diesel Estate can cost£350 a month and a BMW 5 series £325 a month.

It sounds unbelievable,but it’s true.  Personal contract hire has been a successful business model for a long time and is a well-established, proven system that is popular across Europe, America,and Australia.

Like any other good deal, it has a set of terms that you need to sign up for and follow to get the full benefit of the system. These are –

Keep your car well maintained – At the end of the contract period the PCH leasing company will inspect the vehicle for excessive wear and tear, so you need to take care of it like it’s your own.

Stick to the agreed mileage – The monthly payments are based on how much you will use the car. Depending on your requirements a mileage will be decided, and your payment will be calculated accordingly. You can always renegotiate this part of the contract, but your payment will also change accordingly. If you go over your mileage you will have to pay a penalty at the end of your contract of you have not already renegotiated.

Insurance Cover – While the ownership of the vehicle resides with the car leasing company, you as the driver are responsible for the insurance. So, you need to keep your insurance coverage up to date.

Are you ready to get your dream car?Then fire up your computer and find out more about car leasing contracts in the UK;take time out to meet a few dealers and make an informed decision.