How to use LED Lights to Quickly Pep up Your Living Room


The living room is a major living area of your house that helps in determining the vibe of your entire space. The interiors of the living room and how you adorn them have a direct impact on the mood of the entire house as well as the people living in it. Well, after all, it is very important because you spend a major chunk of your time in the living room.


In order to add appeal to the house, it is very important to use ambient and welcoming lights. Even the best furniture and wall accents will look boring and gloomy if not complemented by the right light. For several years now, interior decorators and design enthusiasts have been using dim lights in yellowing hues. They add warmth to the entire space as well as give it a welcoming vibe. These dim lights, however, make it impossible to read or perform other light intensive tasks.

What is the solution? Installing additional fixtures? No, you need not spend a bomb to fulfil your lighting needs and you most definitely need not stay in dark to add visual appeal to your space.

LED lights for living room are the best way to accentuate the looks of your living room without making any big or expensive changes.

LEDs allow you to imbibe amazing design elements with functional lighting to change the appeal of your space without putting in any humungous efforts. LEDs help take the aura of the space notches higher and help great a warm ambience for the guests as well as you.

It is a fulfilling as well as decision intensive task to choose fixtures as well as the colour scheme for living room lights. Before getting on to the task you must decide where you need the maximum light and for what do you need it. So, if you want to read, write or sew, ambience centric living room lighting solutions will quite not cut it alone. For keeping a balance between task-based and ambience-based lighting, you can break the living room into individual areas. You can define the areas based on the functionality you want to achieve and then go about deciding on the light type.

You can define the functional areas of the house in the following ways:

·         Analyze each area based on whether you want ambient, task or accent lighting solutions

·         To accentuate the ambience, add lights to the ends of the room

·         If you intend to perform light intensive tasks, use a bright light to focus on the areas where you will do your work

·         Use fancy lamps to add décor elements to space

·         The placement of the lamps will define the distribution of light in the room 


Below are some lighting solutions that you can use for your living room:

·         Ceiling lights: These are the lights installed hanging from the ceiling. They are the modern take on chandeliers and adorn the room beautifully. You can save energy and get better light with the same fixtures using LED bulbs.

·         Floor lights: You can decorate the living room and add lots of light using a floor standing lamp or a LED-fitted in an accent fixture.

·         Table lights: These are the best kinds of task lights that let you do all your work with ease. You can get the lights fixed into furniture or attach them to table lamps etc.


Transform your space with living room lights

Ambient lights: These lights fill up the room and are diffused in nature. They take the warmth of the aura instantly higher.

You can add ambient lights to the living room using any of the following:

·         Chandeliers

·         Pendant lights

·         Sconces

·         Flush lights

·         Recessed lights

Use LED lights in any of these fixtures and increase the overall allure of the room alongside bagging some energy savings. LEDs also make it possible to imbibe smart solutions such as sensor-based lights, app-controlled lights, etc. They instantly add light to all corners of the room.

Task lights: A specific area can be highlighted by focusing a bright light on a spot to facilitate functional tasks. This is termed task lighting. It can be installed over tabletops, kitchen slabs, chair sides, reading corners etc. Below are some types of task lights that you can opt for:



·         Tabletop lamps

·         Reading lights

·         Desk lights

·         Task lights for work counters

·         Spotlights

Awesome room vibe, as well as superior functionality, is possible by fixing the above styles with LEDs.

Accent lights:

Accent lights are mostly subtle lights that are used majorly for decoration purposes. They can be used to highlight specific design elements and to add a soft glow to the room.

You can add accent lights to the living room using any of the below:

·         Decorative lamps

·         Up-lights

·         Dim spotlights

While you may believe that accent lights will cause you to incur hefty electricity bills, you can save energy costs by fitting LEDs. This way you can save energy even if you leave them on all day and skip the other lighting in the room.

The look and feel of your living room will get an instant boost with LED lights for the living room. You can also enjoy an automated home by adding Smart LED lights.


Svarochi offers a multitude of smart LED lighting options that can bring about a lovely change in your home ambience by replacing the living room lights.

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