Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation for Chef


Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation for Chef
A chef is an individual with great skills in culinary arts that is responsible for preparing food for the people. For a chef, it is very important that he maintains a high level of hygiene and sanitation while cooking meals for people. It would be very bad if chefs do not wash their tools or even their hands while preparing meals and serving them. It would lead to the quick spread of diseases.
We do not have full information about bacteria and germs, which has made hygiene to be disrespected in various kitchens. However, the government is trying to ensure that all kitchens operate in a very neat environment by carrying out random inspections to enforce health codes that will lead to the preparation of clean foods.
As a chef, you will be cooking for different types of people, with different sensitivity to different things, including dirt and germ. It is therefore vital that you are well aware of the right protocol when handling food, and that you also abide by those protocols. This is why culinary institute often teach students who are doing any cookery course about hygiene and sanitation. Most commercial kitchens will want to know how hygienic you are before they employ you to work in their kitchens as some will even ask if you have studied any special course relating to hygiene and sanitation while cooking. You will therefore have to show them proof that you have a special certification in hygiene and sanitation while cooking or that with your current certificate, hygiene and sanitation was one of the subjects you offered and that you also passed comfortably.
A lot of people have lost their lives to eating unhealthy food, as some poisonous substances was able to find their way into the food, due to the careless nature of the chef who was in charge of preparing the meal. In other cases, they have had to visit the hospital after getting terribly sick due to germs that they consumed while eating. One of the most common reaction of people to unhealthy food has however being purging, where they have to visit the toilet very frequently due to a stomach upset. It is therefore very important for a chef to be hygienic and to maintain sanitation while cooking.
It is possible to visit a culinary institute in India to enroll for a course on kitchen hygiene and sanitation. Alternatively, you could put a call to the local board for health in your area to find out about certification courses in hygiene and sanitation you can take. You will be guided on which is the best in your locality you can enroll in. In the classes, you will be taught about how to cook in a hygienic and clean environment for the benefit of anybody who will be eating from your food. Overall, you will have to be conscious of your cooking environment and ensure that you do not use any dirty item to cook and that you always watch every utensil you used immediately you are done cooking.

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