Is The Toshiba Satellite P100 the right Desktop Replacement?


The Toshiba Satellite professional P100 is a superb multi-media desktop 

replacement portable computer. It sports several innovative options which can 

immediately convert several users into loving fans. However, like 

any object of our affections, the Satellite P100 will have some 

flaws. a detailed examination of all the options and flaws of 

the Toshiba Pro100 can provide you with some indication if this can be the 

laptop for you, particularly if you are within the marketplace for a laptop desktop 


The Satellite Pro100 portable computer was recently introduced by Toshiba 

to contend within the profitable laptop marketplace. If you’ll work all 

the performance and options of a full size laptop into a portable computer, 

why not select a smaller sexier package? Has Toshiba succeeded 

in manufacturing an improved desktop PC? Enquiring minds need to know!

Lets provide the Toshiba P100 a better look and entails all the 

pluses and minuses, the professionals and cons of this new multi-media 

desktop replacement powerhouse. Lets take into account the pluses 1st.

This portable computer appearance nice.

There’s no denying it, the Toshiba Satellite P100 appearance sensible. This 

laptop has vogue. It lives up to its name — skilled. The Toshiba 

Satellite P100 is black with a matte silver interior off-set with a 

black keyboard. the planning is sleek, straightforward and clean. Everything fits. 

Quite candidly, within the appearance department, it’s to be rated a ten or 

very on the brink of it.

Now everybody is aware of a laptop’s appearance mustn’t be your 1st 

consideration once shopping for a portable computer, however from a selling angle 

this issue could play an even bigger role than all the spectacular specs 

and technical performance this portable computer possesses. In today’s world, 

looks and elegance will count; do not let anyone attempt to persuade you 

otherwise. Besides, this elegant portable computer package are displayed 

prominently in your home or workplace — its spectacular appearance can 

turn plenty a lot of heads than your mine run laptop.

This portable computer is quick.

Sporting the new Intel Core pair T2400 one.83GHz processor on a 100GB 

SATA (5400 RPM) disk drive with a 667MHz FSB or System Bus. The Satellite 

P100 is pre-loaded with one Gig of RAM (expandable to four Gigs). you most likely 

already recognize RAM is that the main consider deciding the speed of your 


Plus, with a 128MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 graphics card this portable computer 

will simply handle all business applications {and can|and can} even handle several of the 

older games… however please note you will have to be compelled to upgrade to a ‘gamer-centric’ 

model, like the Toshiba Satellite P105-S921 with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS 

for playing all the most recent games.

The NVIDIA’s GeForce Go 7300 video processor has 128 MB of dedicated 

memory and might ‘borrow’ further memory from the system’s RAM with Turbo Cache. 

Up to 512 MB of total video memory.

This portable computer offers high performance.

The new Intel twin core processor makes synchronic multi-tasking 

quick and painless. Double your power. It will method multiple applications, 

and do a number of the foremost hard-to-please multi-threaded programs. It is 

also Windows prospect compatible for those that ar thinking ahead.

The Toshiba P100 will provide over enough performance to simply 

handle all the chores and tasks of a daily laptop. In several cases, it’ll out 

perform several current PCs.

This portable computer runs cool and quiet.

The Satellite P100 runs terribly cool — for the primary week some this 

laptop was placed on a skinny plastic napery, simply to ascertain if 

there would be any warming. None. sensible abdomen ventilation.

This portable computer is additionally terribly quiet — there’s solely the occasional whir 

from the fans. sort of a high worth car gears up, well not very, 

but you will not mind the sound.

This portable computer offers nice viewing pleasure.

Featuring a seventeen in. show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} Widescreen TruBrite display that is crisp and clear, 

the visuals on this Toshiba portable computer holds up against several higher priced 

laptops. Toshiba is understood for its top quality screens and this 

laptop’s show isn’t any totally different. the pictures ar sharp and also the colours ar 

brilliant. Native resolution for the show is 1440 x 900 pixels. And the 

screen is obvious and visible  from all angles.

Watching DVDs and Videos on this portable computer could become habit-forming as a result of 

of the superb viewing graphics and sound. The widescreen makes 

watching 16:9 magnitude relation facet movies a lot of pleasant and since you are 

sitting on the brink of the portable computer, you get shocking sensible visuals.

The a hundred Gig disk drive and also the optical disk Super-Multi Drive for burning 

DVDs can are available in handy for absolutely enjoying all those motion-picture show downloads. 

The dual layer optical disk burner that burns DVD-R or DVD+R discs 

at a most of 8x. The Toshiba P100 additionally comes pre-loaded with the 

InterVideo WinDVD Creator a pair of Pt and Sonic Record currently.

This portable computer has excellent sound.

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