Mobility Services from Sensiple


Mobility as an enabler is redefining business performance today. As a radical organization, we define comprehensive mobile strategies integrating customer-friendly functionalities at Sensiple. We deliver end-to-end mobility solutions across industry verticals with the right skills and simplified mobile infrastructure.

Sensiple Mobility solutions provide business-critical applications across platforms. Whether creating a new application or integrating with the existing application, Sensiple through its mobility services can deploy a robust solution that would be compatible with existing as well as future platforms.

We help our customers realize the value of mobility in various industries (Banking, Enterprise, Retail, Telecom, etc.)

•    Mobility solutions are tailored to the industry segments in association with the various technology Center of Excellence(COEs)

•    Based on the industries, mobility solutions & services will be provided to promote your products and business and meet the latest emerging Digital Trends

Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile Application Development is considered challenging by organizations owning to numerous platforms and contending technologies involved. Sensiple’s mobile application development services help you drive the profit you have been missing in the highly crowded mobile environment.

Mobile Native Application Development

Through Mobile Native Application Development, we provide you with an excellent user interface by taking full advantage of features of the required operating system. Native Mobile Application development is excellent for your products which are targeted to a particular device user.

Mobile Application Frameworks

  • ·        Mobility frameworks developed in-house, with write once run anywhere principle.
  • ·        Available under perpetual and SaaS licensing model.
  • ·        Platform Agnostic Framework & Solutions
  • ·        Browser Agnostic Framework & Solutions
  • ·        Device Agnostic Framework & Solutions
  • ·        Advanced JavaScript Framework (Angular JS, Ionic, Sencha Touch) & Solutions

Mobile Application Maintenance & Support

On-demand Maintenance and support projects for

  • ·        Enhancing the functionality, Usability
  • ·        Performance improvement of mobile apps with appropriate resolution

Mobile Application Managed Services

Mobility CoE in association with the Infrastructure CoE provides end to end mobile application managed services which include:

  • ·        Managed Mobile Center of Excellence
  • ·        On Shore and Off Shore App development
  • ·        Problem Resolution and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • ·        Security & Enterprise Policies Monitoring
  • ·        Deployment, Provisioning and Activation of mobile applications
  • ·        Application Management – Policies and updates
  • ·        Fault Management – L1, L2, L3
  • ·        Shared Services
  • ·        Mobile Application Testing Services
  • ·        Strong mobile testing expertise in various testing tools and best practices.
  • ·        With cloud testing infrastructure, applications can be tested from any location anytime
  • ·        Plan – Design – Execute – Manage – Report Test automation & compliance measurement
  • ·       Testing advisory services for mobile application testing

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