Password Managers: Protecting your Digital Life


Mail accounts, social media, shopping portals they all require passwords. Although it can become quite difficult to remember all of them, help is at hand. Here’s a short Guide to Enterprise Password Management and its benefits.

Getting Started

Password managers enable you to store all your passwords safely and gain access to them only with a master password. This app is available for computers, laptops and mobile devices and may be either paid or free. The password manager app requires that you create a strong, unique master password. Once the registration is complete, you can add websites that you would prefer to access through the password manager. The next step is to store all the individual passwords and if required add the needed biometrics. The Enterprise Password Management Best Practices combines double the authentication and frequent password change to create more security.

Password Manger Functions

Since the passwords are encrypted and can only be accessed by you, password managers are definitely a more secure app. It isn’t always possible to remember all the passwords correctly and writing them down is not a viable option. The Enterprise Password Management helps the user not only manage all the passwords but also helps to reset them with a password generator feature. There is no fear of any breach even in the case of your device getting lost or stolen. Encryption and double authentication will prevent anyone other than you from accessing data. Most password managers automatically lock the account after a certain period of inactivity and can also be remotely blocked. The best feature though, is its ability to alert when the account or system is compromised or breached. It also identifies weak and old passwords that need to be changed.

Weak Spots

Like all apps and software, the password manage has its own faults. Since it stores all the passwords, if someone were to hack into it, they would gain access to all your accounts. Hackers these days choose to target the password managers and thereby compromise the security of all the other accounts. Investing in a reputable password manger in order to protect your online privacy can be expensive. They are also not easy to log into from multiple devices. A master password that isn’t encrypted well or attached with malware can compromise all the other accounts.


Common sense and new developments in technology will ensure stronger and secure Password Solutions for Enterprise to benefit users a 100%.


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