Planning an Office Move: Office Moving Checklist

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Moving to a new office means the beginning of the new era of your business. A smoother relocation is an important aspect for the successful start of this new period of your company and its growth. You need a meticulous planning for your office move so that everything goes efficiently and fast. Focus on keeping your transition period as small as possible so that your normal business operations can be resumed shortly without letting your business suffer much.  

For your move to go efficiently, you need to plan a foolproof strategy. We have compiled a complete list to guide you through every step of the moving process. This will help you not to overlook important tasks and stay organized during this chaotic relocation process.

Here is a complete moving checklist:

3-6 Months before Office Move

  • Find a new business location suiting your needs considering all the necessary requirements like the type of building, square footage, etc.
  • Choose a date on which you want to move your office. All your staff and equipment should be out of your current office space. Make a detailed moving calendar which mentions all the relocation tasks based on the priority so that the deadlines for the move completion can be met.
  • Discuss the upcoming office relocation with your employees and distribute the tasks and responsibilities to every member of your team. Nominate the move coordinators in each department and plan relocation coordination meetings every week to discuss the progress and problems that you might face.
  • Make a list of existing office furniture and other equipment, decide which items to be left behind and which to be taken to the new place.
  • Create a financial plan for your upcoming relocation. If you can’t plan your budget on your own get the professional help from Brooklyn NY Movers anytime.
  • Make a list of all the people to whom you want to inform about your new address.

2 Months prior to moving day

  • Plan a detailed floor plan for your new space, order new office furniture, equipment, and all that is required in your new office space.
  • Plan for wiring, networking, and telecommunications in your new office space. Contact the providers, ensure Internet access at your new office location, get new phone numbers. 
  • Change the business address with the USPS, inform the IRS, employment development department, Franchise Tax Board, insurance providers, your bank, subscriptions, of your new place of business.
  • Check for the existing lease and conditions required to return the current office space to the landlord.
  • Hire experienced office movers and get the office moving cost estimates from at least three reputable companies that seem to best suit your needs.
  • Remember to buy moving insurance for your company valuables and electronics.

One month before the move date

  • It’s time to make a moving office announcement. Inform all your business partners and the important customers of your new address. Reflect your company’s new address on your website and the social media profiles.
  • Discuss the move with your employees and ensure that all are familiar with the right packing methods and labeling codes.
  • Check all your inventory and office supplies that have to be moved to your new office space. Either sell out, throw away or donate the rest of the stuff.
  • Gather all the important office moving supplies and start archiving old files.
  • Discard all the old business cards and order the new ones. Order the new stationery too.
  • Carefully determine the security procedures for the move. Be careful about the company’s data, company’s personal information, important documentation, etc.

Two weeks before moving day

  • By this time ensure that your new location will be totally ready by moving day.
  • Ask your employees to start packing and cleaning up their cabinets, cubicles, etc., and get rid of the items that are no longer needed.
  • Create back-ups of all the important documents and company information like the insurance policies, bank statements, tax returns, legal contracts, bank statements, etc. Store important data on a cloud or portable digital media. Set up the passwords on electronic devices and computers so that they are safe with the movers.
  • Confirm the pickup date and time from your office movers.

Office move week

  • Check your new office space if all your demands are met like the color of cubicles, the flooring, the labels on the walls, etc.
  • Give away the access cards of new office space to your employees.
  • Store all the confidential records in plastic crates, locked with security seals.
  • Disconnect all electronic devices and get ready to move. Leave the things behind which you don’t want to take with you.

Moving day

  • Allow only the move coordinators to help in the move. Do not permit other employees to be on-site so as to avoid any delays or injuries.
  • Stay around your movers so that they can get to you in case of any queries.
  • After everything is moved, make a final walk-through to check for any left-out document, forgotten items, etc.
  • Welcome everyone to the new office by distributing the welcome goodies.

Follow these tips to make your office move easy!