Reasons to pay attention to fertility and opioid use | infertility treatment in Delhi


Many women who are pregnant may be affected by the misuse and use of their opioids. In this case, if you are ready for childbearing then many things should have in your mind otherwise it can cause be of miscarriage and infertility. So, you and your doctor should be very careful when you are pregnant.


The education and awareness are required on the opioids usage among male or female that considering having kids and infertility treatment in Delhi for the doctor as well as the patient. There are many side effects that related to the chronic use of opioids. The overdose of medicine slows down breathing, potentially to point of death. Infertility resulting from opioids provides interference with normal levels of sex hormones. When opioids are chronically present, then the body has less ability to produce a normal amount of testosterone. Check out some reasons to pay attention to fertility and opioid use

·         Around 40% of ladies of the ages between 16 to 45 reported that they were a recommended1 opiate.

·         If women and men take long-term use of opioids, it causes infertility, depression, loss of libido as well as sexual dysfunction.

·         Pre-conception screening revealed between ladies was likely to have a disorder than other problems.

Some women who undergo surgery or certain procedures may be they experience major pain for which they are opioids prescribed. Women were like to fill an opioid prescription if they had any mood disorders; they have filled a prescription for an anti-depressant or may be smokers. Some study gives reviewed on medical records for more than 55,000 women who had an egg retrieval procedure.

Infertility treatment in Delhi

The stress of infertility and ongoing treatment can make patients like to anxiety, depression, developing a substance of disorder. The substance use disorders are much common than many other conditions disorders in case of women trying to conceive.

As all physician treats women who are going to plan to become pregnant, for this you have to avoid consequences of SUDs in pregnancy, low birth weight, developmental treatment, birth defects, miscarriage. At the same time, such as methadone that used to treat addiction. They should discuss the impact on fertility with an addiction counselor and health professionals.

Many Research shows that opioid use effects of the endocrine system including the hypothalamic-pituitary axis which helps to control the production of hormones. Which plays a role in female and male reproduction?

The hormonal suppression may result in menstrual irregularities, miscarriages and pregnancy-related issues including pre-birth of your baby. Using opioids in long-term can disrupt the signals controlling the production of your testosterone and that give resulting in low testosterone production, which used to decrease both quality and quantity of the sperm. There is no evidence on the short-term use of opioids has a negative effect on male fertility. Men who take opioids for last some weeks or months then they should talk to their doctor about cutting back.

Your doctor and expert of infertility treatment in Delhi should work with your partner and with you to understand how negative lifestyle habits affect your ability to get pregnant and deliver you a healthy baby.

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