Reasons why property dealers are getting more popular in past decade?

Real Estate

Property dealers are said to be a key to real estate world. Though, the deals take place between a buyer and a seller, but the property dealer is a link in-between them. They play such great and essential roles that it’s said there exist no real estate market without a property dealer. Why, it’s so? What are the reasons of their popularity? What makes them so popular, and essential?

I would like to pen down the ways these property dealers works with and it attains great success in his/her name.

Give priority to relationship

The property dealers are always professional. They set their thinking in how to finalize the deal between the buyer and the seller. Because their commissions are based on deals finalized. It’s essential from their business point of view, but rarely few dealers are there who concentrates more in relationship than making pure business. So, what few times they need to lose the customer knowing them the truth that the deal don’t fulfil their needs. Such, dealers hold the customer connection for long duration. And, these customers refer the dealer’s name in their connections with friends and family. Well, it’s always proven the sweet words and honest deeds always rule in one’s mind for ever.

2.       Learn to say, “The customer is always right.”

All, the clients can’t possess the same nature, but the same time you need to crack all the deals from your side. Isn’t it?  But, what the ethics speaks here? We can’t judge which clients are more intelligent and why because the property dealers focus on what they can provide and then later what they need. It’s their duty to listen patiently their preconceived ideas, and then evaluate it how much good and bad, right and wrong out of it. It’s essential, despite of their many ideas, they need to listen what they need to know from the dealers. This fearless service definitely wins a deal from the customers who honestly want to buy the property.

3.       Selling the property at your cost

It’s not a rule or condition that a dealer only can finalize the deals between the buyer and the seller. But, there are many facts of the property which a property dealer knows the best and the seller would like to benefit of it. Directly, advertising your own property may not gain as much trust from one as much if the dealers can make it. The sellers are not only interested in getting sold their property, but to stick to the figures they want to earn from that selling. Here, the no other expert than a dealer can guide you the better. That’s what you are paid for. Or, otherwise they can deal with the property dealers who have just started crawling in the market.

When, I have been to Nagpur last year for official work, and I need to travel frequently every fortnight for at least two years. This was due to the new project assigned to me by the company. It was tough for me considering health point of view. So, I decided to look for a property as Nagpur property during that period has gone through the recession period and buyers and investors had good chance to get the property at their price. If, we came across experienced the property agents in Nagpur, they can guide the people outside locals about the areas and the price accordingly to buy the property.

4.       Get the job done within time

Most of the genuine sellers, especially possessing the large properties would like to end the deals within the duration, rather than tagging it for various reasons till long period. Whichever, place they reside, on national or international land, they demand and expect you to stay in touch at any hours and reply them. After, attaining good height success and familiarity, a property dealer might receive numerous queries from different clients through phones, or emails. Even, some of them knocked your door at sudden.  A good property dealer always welcomes their presence in any ways, so what many times it disturbs their personal schedule. This is one of the best reasons to hold the customer for long and get benefit from their mouth advertising among their friends and relatives.

When, I personally came across a situation to buy a property in Nagpur, I was not able to match my meeting times with any Nagpur property agents, not even on Sundays. But, I should admit that they served me and planned out the meetings in odd times just to comfort me.  

5.      Don’t avoid confrontation

The dealers have to handle the different natures every time. Both, the seller and the buyer posses own kind nature. Because, of this there is a possibility of arguments during negotiations in between. Bur, it’s better to hold your tongue at your cost only. So, what the clients are paying the dealers, but they don’t own them. With, their side of benefit, they also need to attend the dealer’s comfort zone.


Selling and buying property is on-going cycle, and the property dealers will stay always in demand. Not only emotionally, but a dealer need to evaluate his/her job, in both professional and emotional terms measuring the client and the need of time.