Skilled SAS professionals are the need of the hour


The job market in India is going through a great transition. A myriad of traditional IT jobs is getting modified with data-oriented roles. The main reason behind this inclination towards data-drove job roles is an increasing awareness among the Indian companies

about the immense power of data. Nearly 50,000 positions in fields like data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are lying vacant at present. The industry needs professionals who can work on data science using SAS, R, Python and other tools. The skill gap is visibly huge and its impact is felt by the analytics firms. But why does this skill gap live on?

     A discrepancy between college education and industry standards is considered to be the primary reason behind the skill gap.

The curriculum taught in most Indian engineering colleges have been slow to evolve with the changing needs of the industry. Although subjects like machine learning, automation, and data science are taught in some universities the gap between education and requirement still exists.

     A lack of awareness among students plays a role in the shortage of workforce.

Students often fail to recognize the opportunities which are out of the ordinary or non-traditional. They often stick to the well-traversed path. Neither do the students get the opportunities they seek nor do employers get the talents they want.

     Gaps exist in the hiring process too.

Companies implementing analytics often do not have a full proof plan. Hence a lot of instances may be found where companies are unsure about the kind of talent they need. This results in a loss of resources.

The key roles where SAS skills are needed

If you go through any job portal that operates in India you will find a thousands of jobs that require data science skills. For instance, if you search with very specific keywords like data science and SAS you will find more than 400 fresh opportunities in India through alone.

SAS training alone can prepare you for a lot of job roles like data mining, data management, statistical analysis etc. A large percentage of these jobs are in the financial and banking sector which is, in fact, one of the largest implementers of data science.

If you have R and Python skills in your repertoire along with SAS you can become a true asset for any company.

The solution is well in view

India had always been a center for technological education and a huge technical talent pool. In view of the current situation in the job market, the private analytics institutes can play a vital role in bridging the skill gap. Institutes in many Indian cities are providing analytics and data science education according to the industry standards. Students, as well as professionals, can enroll for certificate courses and start their journey in the field of data science.

There are around 10 lakh registered companies in India 75% of which have already invested or are planning to invest in AI and data science. Trained professionals are needed to pull the venture through. So the demand for these skills will be high. All you need to do is to get yourself ready for the opportunities.