Smartphone Security Solutions That Mislead You


Do you know that many smartphone users who feel the need to go for premium security solutions are often deceived by the promises made by the security service providers? The sad truth is that customers get only a false sense of security with security services such as Encromail or Eliteguard.

When you choose a security tool to encrypt your email messages you should know that they are not really giving you complete protection. Instead they give you an impression that you are fully protected. The emails are only partially protected. You will be losing your header data to the hackers as the header information is intact and it is not encrypted by these security solutions. As an uninformed user, you are likely to ignore this fact as you are not likely to know even the fact that you are not fully protected.

Just because security applications like Eliteguard promise you the best results do not think that you are safe. Try to read reviews of the security tools that you are planning to use. You will be surprised to learn how shortsighted these tools are and how you continue to remain vulnerable despite paying for your security solution.

The chat communications can be intercepted if the phone is not encrypted. More to that the messages you send out leave loads of trails online. Hackers can access these details and use the information against you. There are dangers of losing one’s online identity and credit card information. You will therefore need to ensure you have the best security solution in place.

Before selecting your security software, understand the scope of the tool that you are using. Will it give you end to end security solution or are you just limited to partial security? What is even more serious is the fact that some of the security companies sell the access codes of their own customers to third parties. Choosing such a security service will make you even more vulnerable. Regular users do not understand these security threats. They do not know even what to look for when they screen their security services. One of the easiest ways to filter out the best security solutions in such situations is to find security services that enjoy good reputation. If users who have used a security solution have something positive to share about the application then you can consider it to be a reliable tool. There is no need to test it yourself but you can go by the experience of someone who has already tested the service.

The next time you are selecting your security software; do not blindly choose any solution that you come across. Take time to understand the features and the scope of the security tools. Sky Ecc is a reliable solution that protects business users as well as others with its outstanding security architecture. So far there are no reported incidents of failure. It gives 100% protection against all forms of smartphone threats.