Telephone Systems That Support Homeworkers/ Remoteworkers


In this day & age, it is becoming more prevalent for businesses to add flexibility to their communications, some field based roles require your workforce to be out on the road. Best 4 Business Communications has solutions for remote workers, whether you need a flexible cloud solution with all included mobile apps, or a traditional PBX telephone system, that allows for mobile twinning.

Best Phone System Platform For Remote/ Homeworkers 

The best way to support remote/ homeworkers is undoubtedly the Hosted VoIP and IP phones. These solutions are plug & play, & only require broadband, so they in theory can work anywhere. This platform allows for flexibility for people who are away from their offices. Homeworker telephone systems are becoming the go to solution.

Divert Calls With Remote/ Homeworkers Phone Systems

Remote worker. homeworker telephone systems enables your business to divert calls to different devices that are interconnected via the network. If for example, your boss needs to go on a business trip, he can easily be contacted when there are issues that might require his attention. You can do all these at an affordable price. Review your telephone systems every 3-5 years.

A remoteworker/ homeworker telephone system, works very well in call centres, these systems can be deployed even when employees are miles apart. A remote worker telephone systems allows you to manage a pool of manpower without worrying about where to keep them in one roof so they can stay connected. If you require this solution, give us a call to find out more. Some businesses need a solution that where Homeworkers can access the telephone systems.

The homeworker telephone system is also great for employees who are field based, i.e. account managers, field sales etc. Having your workforce drive up & down the country, but connected to the phone system as if they were sitting in the office. Of course this not only saves your business time & capital, but also maintains that professional image, as if field based employees needs to make a call, to your prospects, it looks like you are in the office. For business owners, this is imperative. Already got a new phone system, does this phone system have maintenance? 

On-call employees will also benefit from a telephone system that has remote/ homeworkers enabled, these types of systems will allow mobile phones to integrate into the system network, allowing employees to function as if they were in the office. All the employee needs to do is plug the phone into an Ethernet line and punch a few buttons and they are connected to the office network. The home phone can have its own extension number. It can be connected externally and through the internal network. Did you know that 90% of businesses need Homeworker/ remote worker telephone systems.

Calls within the network are free. If the user needs to make an outside call it will be billed to the main office so there is no need for expense claim forms.You can divert calls to different devices that are connected to the system. If the boss needs to go on a business tripArticle Search, he can easily be contacted when there are issues that need his attention. You can do all these at an affordable price. Did you know that VoIP telephone systems

This article was produced by a telephone systems expert, the business phone system is crucial to your communications. Your business should always review its business phone systems every 3-5 years. Call recording is also if you would still like to consider a telephone system for small business, then cloud telephone systems are a very sensible investment.