The 10 Easy Steps for Windows 7, 8.1, 10


The variant was created to deal with the critical reception of its predecessor that’s that the Windows Vista. Windows 7 has obtained significant positive opinions because of its improved functionality, intuitive interface, and several other documented improvements. In reality, many critics have pointed out this Windows 7 would be your finest Windows version. Among the greatest things about this model is that consumers now have loads of choices to really boost their productivity when working in their PC.

1. Use Windows 7 computer keyboard shortcuts like pressing Ctrl + Shift + N to make a new folder.

2. Get the most from Jump Lists, so that you may easily access any windows or folder which you generally use.

3. Use hidden Foreign themes or backgrounds by following these steps:

Sort Windows 7 will show you a listing of sub-folders for every nation. Search for your favorite theme or history.

4. Windows 7 lets users use multiple screens for any purpose it may function.

5. Users are now able to acquire an energy efficacy report wherein the operating system can have a peek at your notebook’s energy usage.

6. Windows 7 comes with a wonderful task bar with many different qualities which may help anyone optimize their workload.

7. Use check boxes to get superior productivity. This usually means you can now allow check boxes for files and folders in bulk.

8. Users are now able to personalize the notification area or the system tray so that they can only find the icons they often use.

9. Utilize the shake attribute.

10. Aero Snap is just one of Windows 7 attributes wherein users may maximize a window by dragging the icon into the side of this display.

Next Among the listing is Windows 8.1 using code name Blue that is an update for your Windows 8 variant:

1. Windows 8.1 currently has a choice to allow users to move right to the desktop rather than managing the beginning screen tiles.

2. Windows 8.1 enables users to conveniently arrange their programs in various ways like classifying them from the installation date or for an additional reason.

3. Take advantage of the program bars.

4. Windows 8.1 users finally have the choice to generate the Start button useful.

5. Programs which are no more in usage can now be stopped from operating at the background.

6. Users are now able to easily change the screen settings like resolution and orientation.

7. Windows 8.1 lets users see a number of programs all at precisely the exact same moment.

8. Together with Windows 8.1, users have the choice to save any internet article in order to read it even when they’re offline.


Windows 10 is the most up-to-date and most talked about the Windows version, that was initially released for customers around July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is now being offered free of charge where many present users are creating the update.

Listed below are a couple of hints and tricks that will make your Windows 10 encounter simpler:

1. Begin with this God Mode wherein users may find an innovative control panel. Simply make a new folder everywhere and rename it as God Mode.

2. Users now have the choice to schedule Windows upgrades to prevent all of the pesky reminders or automatic upgrades.

3. In case you’ve got a touchscreen device, then you can readily switch to tablet-style for this Windows version.

4. Windows 10 permits users to create virtual desktops that are great if you’re using numerous programs.

5. Windows 10 can conserve your battery life if you’re using a notebook computer.

6. Say hello to Windows 10’s biometric protection feature where users may unlock their PC by using their fingerprint.

7. These Windows variations have an additional contentious feature that makes it possible for users to restrict their Wi-Fi to other people.

8. Users are now able to print to PDF without having another utility.

9. Last, Windows 10 provides users the opportunity to reverse their update in a month of setup.

In addition to other products such as Office and Office programs in the United Kingdom. If you can any query, Then you can contact Microsoft Windows Technical Support.