The Best Pets Are the Ones That Obey You


Pets may become part of your family. But still, they need to obey you. Unless they obey you it will be difficult to get them to behave the way you want them to. With dogs too it is the same. You need to make them obey your commands perfectly. Otherwise, your experience with the dogs will not be good.

You may wonder why such loving friendly animals need to be made to obey. However friendly they are, dogs are basically wild animals. At times their natural traits will come out and they could become stubborn and aggressive. At these times you will not be able to control them. It could prove to be dangerous for you. It is essential to teach the dogs who is the master. They need to understand that they should obey every command of yours. They should also be able to understand everything you say so that both of you have a good time together.

When you see them as sweet puppies you may think of not letting them go for training. At Dog Listener Consultancy you need not worry about that. Any puppy above three months can be sent for training. Our dog obedience classes are meant to train them in a friendly manner. We don’t use harsh punishments to make them obey your commands. Our training program involves both you and your dog. You should also understand how to make them obey without using any physical punishment. You should know how to use your superior position to make them obey your commands. This can be done only with proper training for both of you.

At the Dog Listener Consultancy, the dog obedience training is based on the Amichien Bonding method. This training method is world famous and only we are authorized in Singapore to train dogs according to this method. Our trainers are experts in this method. This method is very good for the dogs as it doesn’t hurt them in any way.