The Idea Behind Islamic Clothing


We all know that Islam is a beautiful religion with its own variety of culture and traditions. It sure has evolved over the centuries and time. Islamic people around the world have changed and accommodated the culture and tradition according to the norms of the country they live in. But, there are a few things that are a few things that has the same significance all over the world and there are a few prejudices regarding those as well. In this article, we will try and eliminate as many prejudices as possible.

Restricted style and color preferances:

This is one of the greatest misconceptions that non-Islamic people have on the Islamic sect. Islamic people do wear modest Islamic clothes but these clothes are not restricted to any style or color. It’s not true that they love only black, white and green color. Generally, Islamic people like to dress in Earth-tone colors. Also, the Islamic texts state that certain body parts must be covered for both men and women and it just states that Islamic traditional wear must not copy any other culture’s or tradition’s customs.

The names:

It is true that certain countries have the same type of outfit under different name categories. For example, the Dishdasha for sale in one country is the same as the Thobe in another. So, it is possible that one group of people have the same dressing style under different names. Also, the variety is immense. One must know the terminologies well. 

Where did the rules come from?

Well, they say that the rules for the dressing traditions come from 2 major sources. Firstly, it comes from the Holy Book- Quran and the other source is Prophet Muhammad’s traditions- Hadith. According to these sources, the manner in which one dresses up is directly influential on his/her public decency. Islam has no fixed standard as to the style of dress or type of clothing that Muslims must wear. But, there are conditions regarding the thickness, the length, the overall appearance, etc. mentioned in these sources that have to be met.

It is said that a woman must cover every inch of her skin except her face and the hands. A man must dress up and must definitely cover the region between his navel and his knees. No clothing must be transparent. It says that both men and women must dress modestly and must not wear flashy clothes. Anything that can be tight or clinging to the skin is strictly prohibited in Islam.

These are some of the rules mentioned.

These are some of the basic ideas behind modest Islamic clothing. You can buy Islamic men wear such as thobe online and also search for jubbah and dishdashas on sale. Islamic clothing for women are also available in different styles and colors for you to look up to.