These Question Always Ask At the Time Of Interview: System Administrative


System administrative is a professional person who is nearly required in almost every company. Due to this, numerous opportunities are available out there for the job seekers to acquire the most trending jobs in many organizations. Those candidates who are looking forward to landing a good system administrative job, they have to follow the major aspect of technical skills with the subject expertise. As the name itself suggests that this job is full of enormous responsibilities which cover a multitude of different compatibility issues, operating systems, operating systems, troubleshooting techniques and many more.

What you should possess to be a System Administrative

For getting into system administration jobs, candidates must hold a bachelor degree in computer engineering or networking or any other courses which directly reflects the post of system admin.


In today’s scenario, what is more important in getting system admin jobs is cracking interview? Keeping in mind about the job, candidates should look for preparing interview and get placed in companies. When you don’t know what type of questions are asked by the interviewer, then there are some of the major interview question candidates need to prepare before appearing for the interview.


Let’s take a look at the questions.


Ä What is the difference between a hub and a switch?

Ä What is HTTP and what port does it use?

Ä What is HTTPS and what port does it use?

Ä What is FTP and what port does it use?

Ä What is SSH and what port does it use?

Ä What is DHCP?

Ä What is TCP?

Ä What is UDP?

Ä What is ICMP?

Ä What are IP Classes?

Ä What is DNS?

Ä What is IPX?

Ä What is a Proxy Server?

Ä What are and localhost?

Ä What is the difference between a Workgroup and a Domain?

Ä What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Ä What is IDS?


If you prepare all these above-written questions, then you will certainly become able to ace the interview for the position of system administrative and grab the excellent employment opportunity. Apart from preparing for all these questions, you should also have the good knowledge related to the particular organization you might be wanted to work with. You should be pretty confident and well-dressed as well.



As this job is highly professional in nature, it requires the major understanding of the networking as well as the system management in any organization. With the increased demand seen in the job market candidates are applying for system administrative jobs on the high priority basis. When you need to find the excellent opportunities in the market, you can rely on a number of sources available sources such as network, online job portals, recruiting agencies, and many others. For achieving the best results, you should seek the help of the leading online job portal such as Monster India, Indeed, Shine etc. You just have to create a profile on the website by providing some requisite details and upload an updated resume. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your job search today!