Things To Know When Getting Admission In Episcopal School Of Dallas Scandal


As parents, people enrol their children in schools hoping that the schools will provide them with proper education and mannerisms. These things will help the children to grow and become good citizens and human beings. Many qualities can be developed in a person when the person is growing and when you get a good school to support, the process becomes really easy for any parent.

There are a lot of things which people who are looking to admit their children in schools should consider.

School Information:

This would the first and the foremost thing which you should do when you are looking for a school. You can visit the school’s website and see the facilities which they provide to their students. The school which is promising the most modern and the best facilities will surely endorse them on their websites. They will want the people to see what they are providing to the students.

School Premises:

This would be the step once you select the prospective schools for your child. You can visit them and see the infrastructure of the schools. Also, you can meet the teachers and other authorities and ask them questions about the school. You can know about the history of the school and their alumni. Also, you can see if all the facilities which are mentioned on the school’s site are present or no. These things will really help a lot in making the final choice.

School Fees:

This would be the most important thing when you are looking for a school for your child. Fees would vary from one school to other depending on their facilities and other things. You need to see which one would be convenient for you in terms of money. Also, the facilities would differ. You need to be sure what things you want in a school which your child would go to. The location too would be an important factor as you would always prefer a school closer to your house for your kid.

These are a few things which you should definitely look for when searching for a school. There can be instances when you fail to consider these things and end up in a school like the Episcopal School of Dallas which is facing an Episcopal School of Dallas scandal.


A school which is going through an Episcopal School of Dallas scandal is not the one which you should be sending your children to. The lawsuit is filed as a result of the expulsion of a student on immoral grounds which were not proven in the court. Such a school would not be a match for the development of a child and hence, should not be considered.

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