Top 5 PPC Ad Copywriting Tips for 2018 by Adwants Digimac

Digital Marketing

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1. Addressing your audience 

    Always address the audience directly by using “you” or “your” in your ads. This is done so that the audience feels like the ad is talking to them and therefore it becomes personal and they will invest in that product. It’s always good to humanize the product so people relate to it and will want to buy the product.

2. Adding Emotional triggers in your ad

    It’s always good to make your product interesting and also to mention how it will benefit the buyer. People will respond more to negative feelings than positive ones as it makes them think about that product with respect to themselves. This thought can linger for some time and can sometimes also help in brand recognition

3. Show Graphs and Figures

    It’s best to use graphs or figures to get people’s attention. It can be done by naming the product price or giving statistics about your business. It’s better to use exact numbers rather than round figures as people trust exact metrics more.

4. Using the Space provided to you.

    Google Adwords gives you two 30 character headlines and an 80 character description, so use these to the fullest and try to tell the audience about your product and then some (If possible). It’s always good to fully utilize the space given to you. Ad extension is also another way to tell more about your brand

5. Use CTA to create a sense of urgency

    Don’t use worn out cliches like Call now and use something more distinctive and creative like “build” or “join” so that people will be enticed to click on your product and also have the urgency to do it immediately.


This is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more to learn about PPC ad copywriting. If you are interested in PPC and other digital marketing activities check out Adwants Digimac, one of the top digital marketing institutes who (in my opinion) provide the best digital marketing courses in Chennai.