Understanding The Core Functionalities of End to End Recruitment Services


As in-house recruitment drives are becoming increasingly complex, time consuming and expensive processes, organizations are seeking external support. There are number of recruitment services to take care of the increasing demand in this segment. End to end recruitment services are gaining popularity in this context.

If you want to sign up with an end to end recruitment agency it is important that you first understand the core functionalities of such services. The primary goal of an end to end recruitment service is to reduce both functional costs as well as transactional costs. As opposed to a dedicated sourcing specialist an end to end recruiter will have a larger scope of responsibilities cut out for them as part of their services.

Your recruiter will create working models that are customized to your specific needs. They will have to work closely with the in-house recruiters first to understand the organization’s philosophy so that they can come up with a sustainable model to rope in the right talents.

The scope of the end to end recruitment agency will not only be limited to receiving job orders, understand orders, source profiles and screen candidates but it goes beyond up to the level of onboarding. This completely takes the pressure off the organization’s in-house recruitment team.

When you are hiring or working with an end to end recruitment service an experienced recruiter should be assigned to take care of your requirements. More to that the designated agent is also supposed to be well-versed with all the latest platforms to source the right candidates. They should be making use of an elaborate sourcing schema rather than just limiting themselves to the job portals.

Make it a point to understand the entire hiring process used by the recruiter before signing up. You should make sure when they say it is end to end recruitment, it is actually end to end. This is where careful screening your service providers becomes crucial. You cannot just randomly signup with any recruitment agency before you have a clear understanding about the scope of their services.

Organizations that manage to identify the recruiters enjoy amazing savings. Furthermore, they also have the best talents in the industry hired for their organization. They get to enjoy the best of both worlds. If there were not to be so many benefits in hiring end to end recruiters, so many organizations will not be approaching these service providers. You too can benefit by selecting the most reputed agencies to support your recruitment drives.

There is always an element of doubt in the minds of people regarding the cost savings. You can test it out for yourself. There is no need to go for long term contracts at least initially to start with. Once you have clearly established that there are definitive cost advantages in outsourcing the entire recruitment cycle to the right recruiters you can completely switch to the outsourcing model. Trying certainly cannot hurt you in any way.


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