What you should know before investing in Flexion token


Everyone’s talking around cryptocurrencies, even if they don’t fully comprehend them. Some people are even investing in them.Flexion (FXN) is a real utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered by to its investors in the crowd sale supplemented with various features.Flexion token holders will be granted exclusive benefits such as revenue. The System will record the Wallet data of FXN Balance every month on date. And the user will share the revenue based on the balance kept in the Flexion token in the Flexion Exchange Wallet. Based on revenue per token, the system will credit balance in your reward wallet.



Flexion represents a solid investment opportunity for investors looking to build wealth over a period of time. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or overnight money making opportunity. Investors that purchase tokens and hold them long term will achieve exceptional results and return on their investment.

1. Experienced Management Team with experience running successful Company.

2. All traders want minimum fees on trading. We don’t have any trading fee.

3. 24 hours Customer support.

The Flexion Token (FXN) is built with ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Flexion (FXN) supports all the Ethereum wallets.

Our ICO Token Details:-
Name — Flexion
Symbol — FXN
Platform-Ethereum ERC20
Price at Pre-Sale- 1 FXN = 0.025
ICO Start Date = 25th Sept 2018
ICO End Date = 31th Dec 2018
Minimum Purchase = 500 FXN
Total Token Supply= 36,00,00,000 FXN
Accepting Currency= ETH, BTC
Price On ICO = FXN
Supply at Pre-Sale=Ethereum ERC20
Supply at ICO-1 FXN = 0.025 USD
Soft Cap= 1.80 CRORE
Hard Cap=10.80 CRORE

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