Why you should not participate in a photo contest without adequate preparations?


Taking part in a photo contest brings numerous benefits. If you want enjoy all those benefits of photo contests you will need to understand certain basics. If you are not cautious, you could end up making mistakes that are not only expensive but also mistakes that are also highly discouraging. One of the key mistakes to avoid when you are participating in the photo contests is participation without adequate preparations. How would participating in photo contests without adequate preparations affect you?

Let us assume you have signed up for a photo contest and you are keen on getting the cash prize but you have not started working on the contest submission until the last moment then what do you expect out of that entire exercise? You are likely to submit mediocre work and when you submit mediocre work you are not going to feel comfortable and that is not a nice feeling. Secondly, your entries or submissions may not make it to the finals. This will cause a sure dip in your spirits even if you know that you have not made adequate preparation. You would have anyway spent at least a little time on the photos that you submit to the contest and that time effort would be a total waste. You will need to keep in mind all these repercussions when you sign up for the photo contests.

One of the reasons why people take these contests for granted is that they would have signed up for free photo contests and they tend to think that it is alright to wait until the last moment for the preparations. If you too are having such an outlook towards the photo contests you will need to immediately change such an attitude because you will not be able to grow as a photographer if you do not set a standard for yourself. It does not matter whether you are participating in a free contest or paid contest. You should decide not to let your own standard come down.

When you keep sending in mediocre work to the contests it will send a message to the industry. You will be branded or categorized under mediocre photographers. This could be highly damaging to your profile and you do not want to make such a mistake.  Once you are branded as a mediocre stuff then it is not that easy to break that. So you will need to work confidently right from the start to deliver only the best quality work for the contests. Never again sign up for a photo contest if you cannot be sure of your own preparation.

As soon as you sign up start the work and there is no harm finishing the work on your submissions ahead of time but leaving things for the last minute and submitting inferior quality work will not be a useful approach. Entering the contests with the right disposition is crucial for all the photographers.


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