10 Best Gifts For Cheese Lovers

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There are some people that moderately like cheese and some people hate it. But, we all know someone that LOVES cheese. For these people, no meal is complete without some sort of cheese involved. Whether that be cheddar, blue, melted or in a sculpture of their own head (seriously, click here, we are not joking!). In this list we have put together the best gifts for cheese lovers.


1. Cheese Making Kit

Are you really a cheese lover if haven’t made your own? This kit allows you to make twenty artisan cheeses. These include mozzarella, Feta, Halloumi, Goats, Cottage Cheese, Cheshire and 14 others. The kit includes a recipe book and a guide to making your cheese.

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2. Snowdonia Cheese Company Gift Hamper

This stuff is amazing! Included, are get three delicious cheeses including, Little Black Bomber (200g) Red Devil (200g) Green Thunder (200g). You also get Snowdonia Orchard Apple Chutney (198g) Cottage Delight Farmhouse Pate With Pork (90g) Cartwright & Butler Wafers For Cheese (75g). These cheeses are award winning and rightly so. We love the Little Black Bomber!

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3. Personalised Cheeseboard and Knives

One of the best gifts for cheese lovers, is a personalised chessboard and knife set. This quality wooden board with its secret knife storage system is a great way to enjoy your favourite cheese.

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4. The Cheese Bomb

The cheese bomb is 460g of pure deliciousness! It is a creamy and mature cheddar, hand made in Lancashire. If you like your cheese strong, you need to pull the pin on the cheese bomb. 

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5. Raclette Machine

Let the heat lamp slowly melt your block of raclette cheese, and watch it ooze on to your spuds. This is a really indulgent way to enjoy cheese.

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6. The Little Cheese Cookbook

Giving inspiration for new ways to enjoy cheese is one of the best gifts for cheese lovers. This book has fifty recipes including Hoisin Chinese-Duck Pizza Pinwheels and Butternut Pumpkin & Black Bean Nachos.

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7. Electric Cheese Grater

This electric rotary cheese grater will mean your cheese lover friend won’t have to wait as long for pizza toppings. In fact, it can also grate, shred and chop veggies too. This makes it a versatile kitchen appliance.

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8. Fondue Set

The best way to enjoy melted cheese is with friends. This fondue set is big enough for six cheese lovers to dip in to. The cheese is melted with a flame from an adjustable burner.

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9. Red Wine and Cheese Classic Hamper

Is there a better combo than wine and cheese? In this hamper you will get a very drinkable Chapoutier Côtes Du Rhône Rouge and and a whole host of goodies, including:

  • Isle of Arran Soft Pear and Red Plum Chutney 190g
  • Walkers Highland Oatcakes 75g
  • Just Jane Mature Chaddar Cheese Truckle 200g
  • Snowdonia Pickle Power Mature Cheddar with Pickled Onion Cheese Truckle 200g
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10. Port and Stilton

Another perfect combo, is port and stilton. A rich mature stilton and a good bottle of port, is a truly indulgent way to finish an evening. This gift set includes a beautiful bottle of Taylor’s Port and Cropwell Bishop Creamery Blue Stilton.

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Is there anything else you would like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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